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Creative Nerds Brand New Look

  • April 6th, 2009
  • News


Creative Nerds have been working on the redesign of the website. Finally we are proud to present and showcase the new website which is now improved and much better. The website has got several new enhanced features such as gravatar logos and a more sophisticated commenting system. Feel free to leave a comment, we would love to hear your feedback about our new site.

The old Website


The new Creative Nerds website


What’s new on the website?

Gravatar logos

Gravatar logos are now displayed on the comments whenever someone leaves a comment on one of the posts.


New footer

The new footer displays recent posts which have been recently pulbished on the blog, recent comments which have been approved, and our most popular posts.


New icons and RSS feed banner

We now have new bookmarking icons, you can also now share your favourite articles via design float. We also added a RSS feed banner below the new icons.


New Twitter Background

To correspond with the launch of the new Creative Nerds website, we have decided to redesign our twitter background. @creativenerds )


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17 thoughts on “Creative Nerds Brand New Look

  1. Really nice redesign! Congrats! Don’t mind – and I definitely don’t wanna spoil the fun, but the previous larger, wider and smoother buttons were really nicer – or at least I think so… =) The new RSS icon is definitely way cooler!
    Congrats on the redesign anyways! Still does look pretty! :D

  2. Nice improvements guys. The footer could do with a bit more styling in my opinion, but other than that well done! Also the Twitter bg looks sweet! :)

  3. Very nice and elegant. However, with as much space as you are giving the header at the top, I think that your logo should be a bit bigger so that we can make out the flames above the ‘i’ and the reflection better.

    The color at the top of the page is great – it would be nice to see some of the same color mirrored in the footer as well to bring the page together.

    On the whole though, this is a very clean and inviting design.

  4. “Logo Design guru” thanks i’m pleased you like the logo and our new look.

    “joyoge designers’ bookmark” Thanks for wishing us luck, hopefully the new design goes down well.

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