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Best Of Web And Design In November 2013

  • November 28th, 2013
  • News

The second from last monthly web round-up of the year. The monthly web round-up features a great collection of advanced illustrator tutorials, we have also included some great festive Photoshop tutorials which will teach you some great techniques for creating Christmas designs of your own.

Pleas feel free to share some of your  favourite tutorials and articles you have came across this published within november.

Illustrator Tutorials

Create a Vinyl Record Player Icon in Adobe Illustratorvinyl-player

In the following steps you will learn how to create a vinyl player icon in Adobe Illustrator. For starters, using a simple grid and the snap to grid feature along with basic tools you will create the main shapes. Next, you will learn how to create a conical gradient using a somewhat complex mesh.

How to Create a Candy Striped Text Treatment with Colorful Candy Accentscandy-girl

Candy-striped rope-like lettering has such a nostalgia factor for me; remnants of board games and food packaging of my youth. With two techniques for this candy coated text treatment, I’ll guide you through with Adobe Illustrator CC and make this technique a breeze to learn when modifying your favorite font or hand drawn lettering of your own.

How To Create an Icy Blue Vector Geometric Designgeometric-illustration

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create a cool abstract geometric design with icy blue polygonal shapes. This style of art is perfect for adding stunning visuals to your design work and being vector based means it can be used for anything from a book cover to the background of your website or social media profile. This is another really simple Illustrator technique that results in some really awesome looking artwork.

It’s Guy Fawkes Night! Create a Bonfire With Blends in Adobe Illustratorfire

It’s Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, which is also known as Bonfire Night. It’s the anniversary of the day Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the House of Lords using gunpowder. It’s observed by lighting bonfires, traditionally with a stuffed “Guy” on top, as well as several firework displays (to signify the gunpowder element of the plot).

Photoshop Tutorials

Create a 1980s Inspired 3D Text Effect in Photoshop


Colorful gradients, lens flares, and textures are essential elements to any 1980′s inspired artwork. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Photoshop’s 3D tools to create a 1980s inspired text effect.

Red and Gold Christmas Ball on Stars Backgroundchristmas-bell

If you want to learn how to create a greeting card for the holiday, then we have an awesome tutorial for you. We will learn how to create stars background using brushes then we’ll create red and gold Christmas ball using Ellipse Tool and Layer Styles in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Layered PSD file included.

How to Illustrate an Astronaut in Photoshopastranaught

In this tutorial, it will show you how to create sci-fi concept art by illustrating an astronaut that is performing maintenance during a space walk.

Christmas Green Tree on Red Background in Adobe Photoshop CS6christmas-tree

In this tutorial It will give you some tips on how to create Christmas greeting card with Christmas green tree on red background in Adobe Photoshop CS6. You will learn how to add a Layer Style, draw Christmas tree, apply brushes, use Custom Shapes etc.

Web and Design articles

WordPress Vs Drupalwordpress-vs-drupal

If your a regular reader of my site then you will know that I do a lot of development with WordPress, this being the most popular CMS it seems like a good choice of software to learn. But lately I’ve been trying to learn the second largest CMS…Drupal, what you first hear about Drupal is the steep learning curve that you must go through to understand how Drupal works.

Responsive Web Designresponsive-webdesign

Unless you’re totally new to the industry, or you’ve been living under a rock in the faraway lands of another planet, you’ll have heard about responsive design. Even if you don’t understand it fully, it’s bound to be something you’ll have come across or interacted with in some way or another.

An E-Commerce Study: Guidelines For Better Navigation And Categoriesecommerce

Product findability is key to any e-commerce business — after all, if customers can’t find a product, they can’t buy it. Therefore, at Baymard Institute, we invested eight months conducting a large-scale usability research study on the product-finding experience. We set out to explore how users navigate, find and select products on e-commerce websites, using the home page and category navigation.

Authentication With Laravel 4authentication

Authentication is required for virtually any type of web application. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how you can go about creating a small authentication application using Laravel 4.

10 Useful Sites for Learning How to Codescript

Things work pretty smoothly now and if you know HTML/CSS, there is absolutely no reason not to delve into jQuery. It’s the de-facto JavaScript library for designers, and more and more companies will be expecting you to know it.

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