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Best of the web for Design and Web Development June 2023

  • June 29th, 2023
  • News

Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we showcase the best design tutorials and web articles from the month of June. We hope you enjoy reading through them as much as we did!

The design tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from exploring the latest AI functionality to creating a double exposure text effect.

In addition to our design tutorials, we’ve also curated a collection of informative web articles for you to enjoy. These articles cover a range of topics, including “How to run great workshops as a UX designer” and “Reducing Complexity in Front End Development” . We believe that these articles will provide you with valuable insights into the world of web design and development.

We hope that this roundup inspires you to continue learning and growing as a designer. Keep an eye out for our next monthly roundup, where we’ll be highlighting even more great design resources!

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Design Tutorials

New Photoshop AI functionality

In this tutorial, we’ll delve into the exciting world of Adobe Photoshop Beta 2023 and explore the innovative AI tools that it brings to the table. These new tools offer a wealth of possibilities for transforming your photos into something truly unique and special. For instance, we’ll take a closer look at the Select Subject Tool, a powerful new feature that allows you to quickly and easily select the subject of your image with just a few clicks. With this tool, you can easily cut out people, animals, and objects from their background and place them in new environments.

How to Use the Healing Brush to Retouch Photos in Lightroom Classic

Have ever tried to hide imperfections in skin or remove some dust or dirt from your image? Of course you have, but if you haven’t been using the Healing Brush in Lightroom Classic, then this tutorial for retouching photos is perfect for you.

How to Easily Make a Photocopy Effect in Photoshop

I will show you how easy is to achieve a photocopy effect in no time.

How to Create a Double Exposure Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Double exposure is an interesting photographic technique that combines two or more exposures into a single image. Here, we’ll take this technique to text. 

How to create an under water effect using Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to add an underwater effect to their photos, particularly portrait photos. You’ll learn how to create a beautiful, ethereal look that will make your photos stand out. The tutorial is presented in the form of a video screencast, which means you can easily follow along with the step-by-step instructions to achieve the desired result.

How to Create a Retro Long Shadow Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create long shadow text in Illustrator and pick up some simple techniques that can be used to add text shadows in Illustrator. 

Web and Design articles

The 5 Best Cookieless Web Analytics Tools & Plugins for WordPress

Tools like Google Analytics use cookies to track views because it makes it easy to recognize repeat visits, but cookies have become a highly flawed tracking technique. It is possible for visitors to block or reject cookies, and with the advent of GDPR, you now need to show a consent banner allowing visitors to opt-in before tracking them.

JavaScript’s Backtick Strings are Likely the Wrong Tool for Your Job

I am very disappointed in how the official React documentation recommends we build URL strings to query APIs in JavaScript.

Reducing Complexity in Front End Development

As web applications grow larger, they inevitably fall prey to complexity, despite our best intentions. 

How to run great workshops as a UX designer

Workshop facilitation is a skill that can make or break your career as a UX designer. Yet, it’s often neglected for the sake of more technical skills. That’s a mistake.

15 Figma Updates from Config 2023 in A Nutshell

Every update from Figma’s Config announcements and what to be excited about.

How To Hire A WordPress Web Designer

Are you in need of a WordPress designer? Not sure how to hire a WordPress designer?

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