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Best of the Web And Design In November 2015

  • November 30th, 2015
  • News

The monthly roundup up has a arrived, and what a month it has been. We have featured some great photoshop and illustrator tutorials, some really good illustration tutorials if you want to refine that area of your work. Theres some really good articles worth reading Google have announced their search quality rating guidelines, which is certainly an essential read, as well as a first look at a new image format, which i predict taking over the web in 2015 and potentially kill the infamous JPG.

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Create an Abstract Portrait Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

abstract-portaitIn this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an abstract artwork by combining several stock images with abstract elements in Adobe Photoshop. Besides standard blending techniques with adjustment layers, masking and brushes, you’ll also learn how to make an abstract object using Adobe Illustrator, apply texture, enhance the depth of field and more.

How To Create a Sin City Style Film Noir Effect in Photoshopsincity

The Sin City movies are modern masterpieces that reimagine the film noir genre from the 40s and 50s. They use black and white imagery with low key lighting to creating striking pictures with high contrast between light and shadow. In today’s tutorial I’ll show you some techniques to transform your static photographs into a Sin City inspired scene with a dark atmosphere and harsh tones.

How to Apply Texture to 3D Text Rendered in Photoshop

wood-textIn this Photoshop tutorial, It will show you the method I use to apply texture to 3D Text Rendered in Photoshop. This is really an easy process and will give your text a great look.

How to Create a Realistic Autumn Leaves Text Effect in Adobe Photoshopfail

Autumn is such a beautiful season, with its crisp weather and bright colors. This tutorial will show you how to use a couple of leaf images, textures, adjustment layers, and a lighting effect to create a bright autumn leaves text effect.


How to Create a Vibrant Day of the Dead Portrait in Adobe Illustratordead-portait

ay of the Dead is very beautiful and inspiring Mexican holiday. We’ll create a female portrait using different methods and techniques for a great result. You can use this tutorial as a reference for your own picture.

How To Create a Colorful Vector Landscape Illustration

landscapeIn today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’ll show you how to create a colorful landscape scene, similar to the style of those trendy illustrated travel posters I recently featured in a showcase. We’ll make the entire illustration out of simple vector shapes, then bring it to life with vibrant gradients to give the scene a tranquil sunset vibe. My example features an old wild west desert with mountains that extend to the horizon, but these same techniques could be used to create a landscape scene for any fictional or non-fictional place.

Quickly Create Realistic Lens Flare Vectors!


You will learn how to create lens flares vectors on a transparent background with the help of simple vector objects, blending modes and Flare Tool. Have fun with our new Illustrator tutorial!

Holiday Card with Adobe Capture and Illustratorwarm-whishes

It’s that time again, the most wonderful time of the year, at least that’s what the old song says. I love the holidays, and Abduzeedo was born at this time back in 2006, which makes me even more nostalgic. But the reason of this post is not to talk about the past but to showcase a tutorial that illustrates the future at least in terms of how mobile tools can be incorporated in your design process replacing old things like scanners. This tutorial is a courtesy of Von Glitschka. He shows us how to create a Holiday Card using Adobe tools like Capture and the old classic Illustrator.

Web and Design articles

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Images for Searchoptimising-images

Times have changed since the era of dial-up Internet, when users had to wait minutes for a single image to load. Today, we can enjoy fast Internet access—even on our mobile devices. But make no mistake, image optimization for users and search engines is just as important as it ever was, if not more so.



BPG stands for Better Portable Graphics, and it’s a new image format, the aim of which is to replace JPG. To do this, BPG delivers the best of both worlds: superior quality, and smaller file size.

Writing CSS on Growing Teamscss-growing-teams

This fall, my team started a new project and for the first time in a long while, I was working with another developer as I started to write the styles for the interface. In fact, I started the styles, and then went on vacation while they took over.

Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines


This Developing algorithmic changes to search involves a process of experimentation. Part of that experimentation is having evaluators—people who assess the quality of Google’s search results—give us feedback on our experiments. Ratings from evaluators do not determine individual site rankings, but are used help us understand our experiments. The evaluators base their ratings on guidelines we give them; the guidelines reflect what Google thinks search users want.

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