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Smart Creative Logo Designs Which Contain Secret Symbolisms

Today’s post is a clever collection of logo designs which contain hidden symbolism within their brand logo. At a quick glance I’m more than certain that you will be unable to identify the hidden symbolism within the logos, this is what makes these logos so creative and unique. It really makes the logos and brands memorable leaveing a long impression in customer or people who view your brand.



The feedex logo design if you look carefully contains an arrow between the “E” and the “X”.



The Tolberone logo symbol if you look carefully contains a polar bear in the logo symbol.

Big 10


The big 10 logo design in side by the “T” their is a hidden 11.

Hope For African Childrenarficahope

In-between the logo design symbol of the two people it also contains a map of africa.



The NBC logo design symbol contains a peacock in the logo symbol.



The zip logo design conaint a “zip” in between the Z and P.



The Eight logo contains the number 8 in each letter.



The arrow within the Amazon logo design goes from A to Z representing that they sell everything from A to Z.

Sun Micro Systemssun

The symbol logo within the Sun Micro logo design is built of the word sun.

Gothom Book gothom-books

The Gotham book logo contain of tow constructed out of book illustration.

Yoga Australiayogo

Look carefully the yoga logo contains the a map of the Australia.

Baskin Robbinsbr

In the BR symbol it conatins the number “31”.

Logo Reviewreview-loho-design

The “V” is replaced with a small tick.

Formula1 Logofromula1-logo

In the middle of the space between the “F” is a One.

ED Logo


This logo design looks likes a plug but if you look carefully you can see an ED.

E2 Logo


Within the “E” of the logoit contains a 2.

Carrefour Logocarrie-flour

The Carrefour logo design symbol contains a “C” within the logo.

Milwaukee Brewersmilwaukee

The milwaukee brewers logo design symbol contains a “M”  and “B” within the logo.

Fort Worth Zoofw-elephant

The “F” “w” also creates an elephant.


The three “i” within the logo represents a family. The two R’s within the logo represents a bond between two people.

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18 thoughts on “Smart Creative Logo Designs Which Contain Secret Symbolisms

  1. Great logos! I particularly liked the amazon and yoga Australia logos. It’s very interesting to see the hidden symbolism behind the logos. A good logo is a key element to connecting the reputation of a business to its brand image.

  2. Clever – yes, hidden – no.
    They weren’t designed to be hidden, they were thoughtfully crafted into the logo. Surprising terminology or theory from a design blog.
    Good selection though.

  3. if u turn the The carrefour logo 90 degrees to the right then u can see a skull or a spaceman,
    with on the top a piramid.

  4. Cool… Thanks for posting these logo designs. They are really inspiring. I recently got my logo design made by the designing team at and for the the price I paid of only 89 pounds, it was definitely the best deal out there for a logo design. It came out excellent and I highly recommend that site. Anyway, thanks for posting these logo designs, they definitely show the importance of creative logo designs.

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