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A Collection Of Beautiful Light Paintings

banner-preview A collection of beautiful light paintings, they are so difficult and time consuming to create but when its finished it has a great outcome. Here’s a collection of light paintings to help get your creative juices flowing on a Monday morning. Leave  a comment to share which is your favourite design.

1. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 07stop-haunt-me

2. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 08stop-haunting-me-08

3. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 01_MODstop-me-01

4. lapp-pro


5. lapp-pro


6. Light Mark


7. Light Markcircle-light

8. Light Mark


9. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 01light-painting

10. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 02stop-haunting-meee

11. Hurricane 4light-hurricane

12. Corsa Light Paintings 2car-painting

13. The Time Travellerlight-dive

13. my advert


14. Lapp-pro


15. Lapp-pro


16. Stop Haunt Me Every Day 07kiss

17. Lapp-pro


18. Lapp-pro


19. heatherwickheather-wick

20. Lapp-pro


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13 thoughts on “A Collection Of Beautiful Light Paintings

  1. stop haunt me evry day is the best i think. the colors are great and the style really fits with the girl dancing. its brillant

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