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25 Smart And Creative Ways To Implement QR Codes


This is an awesome blog post. The article is a showcase of fascinating as well super creative methods, which businesses use to promote their products or services through the use of QR codes. I love unique methods for marketing, which is less generic and more outside of the box it really makes that product or service a lot memorable.

The idea behind QR codes is to be able to scan the code using a Smartphone, and then taken to a specific web page, for e.g. Pepsi put a QR code on their bottle drinks, when you scan the QR code it provides you with more information about that product. QR codes were created in 1994, by Toyota a Japanese car manufacturer. The purpose of car manufacturer was originally to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, and was originally designed to allow components to be scanned at high speed.

I hope you enjoy the post. I would love to hear your thoughts on what image really stood out for you, and which one you really liked.

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1. QR Key Ring


2. Beach QR Code


3. T-shirt QR Code


4. QR Billboard


5. QR tag


6. Grave Marker QR


7. Poster QR


8. QR Cookies


9. QR Dice


10. QR code in boxes


11. QR Code Ring


12. QR Leafletqr-leaflet

13. Shop corner QR Codeshop-corner-qr

14. QR SD Cardqr-sd-card

15. QR Tattooqr-tattoo

16. QR Key Ringqr-keyring

17. QR code on floorqr-code-on-floorr

18. QR Beltqr-code-belt

19. QR Bedroomqr-bedroom

20. QR Coffeeqr-coffie

21. iPhone Business Card QRiphone-business-qr

22. QR Buttonqr-button

23. QR Cakeqr-cake

24. QR Promotionqr-promotion

25. Pepsi Max with a QR codepepsi-qr

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5 thoughts on “25 Smart And Creative Ways To Implement QR Codes

  1. QR codes seem like more of a fad. They were super popular a year ago, now you rarely hear about them. The thing is, they aren’t all that valuable. By the time you open an app on your phone that will scan them, you could just as easily open the phone’s web browser and type in a url and find the same thing.
    Also, some of these things are going WAY overboard (I’m looking at whoever did that room decor).

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