20 Of The Most Terrifying Halloween Zombie Portraits


Its October the month of Halloween, the scariest moth of the year. This post is a collection of people who have turned them self’s into scary zombies without the use of the Photoshop just makeup. It would be great if you could share your thoughts on the most scariest portrait in the comments below.


1.Father. Son. Undead.father-and-son

2. Kill The Witch. Zombie Walk. Seattle.kill-the-whitch

3. Self-Portrait, Halloween NYCself-portait

4. Black and White and Red. Father & Son Zombies


5. FORK! Zombie Walk 2010!folk-moster

6. Kawasaki Halloweenkawsaki

7. Forgive Me Fatherforgive-me-father

8. Screw Through The Headscrough-through-the-head

9. Fever


10. toothsome2toothsome

11. Zombieszombies

12. Zombie Walkzombie-walk

13. Zombie rockerzombie-rocker

14. Fever  fever2

15. Two Facetwoface

16. zombie  zombie-hospital

17. Portland Zombieportland-zombie

18. Weddingwedding

19. Bloody Zombiebloody-zombie

20. Zombie Walkzombies-walk


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  • Tim

    Great article.

  • Alex

    Not bad! Id love to have my photo added to this list. It can be seen here:

  • Dzinepress

    really fearful collection you sharing. thanks

  • Mark Armstrong

    Dare I say it? Bloody good post!! : )

    • TimothyBlake

      @mark i like it that’s actually very funny. :)

  • alex

    …Is number 3 Brian Warner?

  • James (Halloween London)

    These are awesome. I’ve posted to our Facebook page to give people some inspiration. I’m hoping there will be some good efforts at our party this year on the 29th October. If you’re free come down!

  • Raj Mehta

    Awesome collection

    really got scared lol


  • Jerry

    Terrible creative, the makeup is great.

  • Nora Reed

    Interesting Photos!! These all zombies looks so horror :P nice collection

  • Shamim cpz

    Thanks Amazing designs, best of luck in your design career!