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100 Most Funny and Creative Advertisement Designs


An amazing inspirational post which features over 100 print based creative advertisement designs for you to enjoy, which will get your creativity flowing.

In today’s modern life advertisement plays a key role in order for any company or product to succeed the advertisement must deliver our powerful message which attracts the consumer’s attention. These are a collection of creative and also very funny advertisements which are granted to catch your attention and make you giggle. I believe that in order to have a good marketing campaigned of any product or service humour is the route to take, people always remember something which brought a smile to their face.

Like always feel free to share your favourite funny and clever advertisement designs featured within the post in a comment below it would be very much appreciated, also share any creative design advertisements which you feel we may have missed from the post.

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1. Aware Helpline: Verbal abuse, 2mouth-advertisments

2. Volkswagen Touareg: Goatgoat-advertisment

3. Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Cartobaco

4. Decathlon: Better gearbetter-gear

5. Senior Self Defence Academy: Deadly seniors, Biker


6. You Eat What You Touch


6. Water


7. Stop Hiding Problemsstop-hiding-problems

8. Stockholms Hundforum (Daytime dog care)funny-dog

9. One Lifesleep-with-past

10. Deadly Foot Odordeadly-footer-oder

11. Espn Couchcouch

12. WWF: Firemanact-now

13. Tolnaftate cream: Fishfish-shoes

14. Soft Ian Rugbyian

15. Fiat: Fishfish

16. Baby Ronaldmcdonlds

17. Timotei Styling Mousse: Lionimotie

18. Arena Swimwear: Predatorfish

19. General Tire: Wrapped by adventuretire

20. Kayaking Jumbo Peanut: Chokingnuts

21. Nikol baking dish: Jacuzzichicken

22. Breath Trainnose

23. Reality Sucksreality

24. Coke


25. Kit Kat


26. Money


27. God Save Piggod-save-pig

28. Cremica Twin Cream Biscuitsice-cream

29. Cremica Twin Cream Biscuitseyes-hand

30. Ripolin paint: Old manbelly

31. Anti-smoking: Gunanti-smoking

32. Nicabate Pre-Quit:ostrdge

33. Parmalat Panna Chef: Lifeguardsea-cheifs

34. La Gazzetta Dello Sport: Rugby – Italy vs New Zealand, 1


35. T3 lAWt3law

36. Brastemp: Hippopig

37. River North Dance Companyriver-north

38. China Town: Daychina-town

39. Nokia


40. International Vegetarian Union: Anatomy Model Manvege

41. Cadbury Lunch Bar Man Size: Jawslunch-bar

42. Koleston: Brush brownbrush

43. Master Program In Advertising At New Bulgarian University: Horsecow

44. Kerozen: Micemice

45. Kennedy & Coe Accounting Firm: Tickvampires

46. Metro Shoes: Shoe Slide (Kids Shoes)trainers

47. Canon Pixma Printers: Lighthousecamera

48. Eyes Of A Childeye-of-a-child

49. Cafe Rico: Wrecking ballwreckage

50. Take your vitaminscricket

51. WMF knives: Flyknife

52. Metro Shoes: Shoe Lounge (Urban Shoes)heart-shoe

53. Kapiti: Designer ice cream, 3watch

54. Bear Wet Suitsswimmer

55. Maglite: Museumtorch

56. Restaurant Mirador del Alto: Clownresturant

57. Canadian Marketing Association: Who Pulls The Strings?pulls-strings

58. Gold’s Gym Costa Rica: Tiegold-gym

60. Killer Jeans: Wood carriagekiller-jeans

61. ETA vacuum cleaner: Catvacum

62. Spid Advertising Photographer: Baby, 2spid

63. The Wyndham Championship: Streetgolf-ball

64. Positive Options: Manipulationmanipulations

65. Samantha Cracked Heel Lotion: Sexy Heelsheels

66. Leroy Merlin: Humiditybath

67. Roy Awards: Eyeseyes

68. Tame Ecuador Airlines: Fly Macastame

69. Intersport: Free your sport, 4football

70. Komatsu wheel loader: Titanickomtasu

71. Don de Vie (Give life): Organsthub-up

72. Restaurant Mirador del Alto: Pianomusic

73. Xango: Lightningxango

74. BCAA Life Insurance: Leotaxi

75. Ztrackz Sound Design: Dentistdrill

76. SA Rugby: Pole Vaultruby

77. Child Health Foundation: The Screamhead-back

78. Movistar: Acidmovie-star

79. Globo News: Keyboardglobal-keyboard

80. Global Call to Action Against Poverty: Obamaobama

81. Sedex Express Courier Service: Eggegg

82. Mebucaine: Little Hoarsecow-mouth

83. Sour Marbles: Touristfood-chain

84. Olympus: Bikeice-bike

85. Mebucaine: Tight-Throat Tammytight

86. Intersport: Free your sport, 2scan

87. Wienerschnitzel Chili Cheese Fries Eating Competition: Poster, 2sneeze

88. Mister Potato V Multi-crisp: Tomatocrackers

89. Furious Floodthe-world

90. Be Stupidstupid

91. We Make Big Fastbig-fast

92. Chickendancing-chicken

93. Alarm


94. Eagle Fightingeagle-fighting

95. Space Attackearth

96. Olympusolmypus

97. Indian Elephantindian-elephant

98. Play-Seesawsea-saw

99. Card Buildingkorea

100. Pinchopincho

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