Simple Mini Black Social Media Icons


Simple mini black icons which includes 12 icons within the set in total. The icons would be perfect to be used within mobile interface design. This icons can be used as you please commercial and non commercial projects, all we ask in return is you leave a comment to share feedback on the icon set.


License Details

The icon set can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. The vector set CAN NOT be redistributed on any other website without permission from the Creative Nerds team.




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Please Leave a comment

  • Ed Brenner

    I love this set! Thanks so much for sharing.

    The only thing it lacks is a LinkedIn Icon.

    Great job!

  • matt

    I really love it !!! I just ask to use for a futur website… I can send you the link after. its not ready yet!! Thanks, if anyproblem

  • Hamilton Sargent

    Beautiful icons. Thanks so much. Will be used on website’s future update.

  • Shamim cpz

    Thanks for sharing these useful information….

  • MysteryGuest

    Love these little icons. Wish the site had Pinterest, LinkedIn and AddThis icons too, not to be greedy or anything.

  • Elaine Ossipov

    beautiful work :)