Lion In The Dark Free Wallpaper

wallpaper-bannner-preview-lion-in-the-dark Today’s post is something which we have not offered our readers for a while on Creative Nerds which is a free wallpaper something which I really enjoyed creating. The wallpaper has been entitled “Lion In The Dark” and is available in 8 different wallpaper resolutions including resolutions for the Iphone and even the Ipad.


Process Of The Design

After browsing through some of the wallpapers over at it really inspired me to go out and creative some wallpapers for our readers over at Creative Nerds.

The overall process of the design was I wanted to create wallpaper just using two simple colours, which each complement each other and work well together wile experimenting using various colour pallets i thought of colour combinations which would well be the most obvious black and white these two colours where especially suited to the deign because I had a visual expectation of creating a design with dark sky with the colours black and white instantly keep coming to mind.

Quick Summary

Estimated duration: 2 Hours

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Illustrator CS3

Total Photoshop layers: 62

Font Used: Times New Roman

Download: Wallpaper Resolutions

1680 X 1050

1440 X 900

1280 X 1024

1280 X 800

1024 X 768 (also IPAD Res)


We would love to hear your thoughts on the wallpaper?

As usual your comments very much appreciated if you could spend some time to leave a short comment that be great for you to show your appreciation .


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