Free High Resolution Spiral Brush Set


A high resolution spiral brush set, featuring over 14 amazing brushes for you to play around with.The brush is available for free and has been released under the creative commons license. It would be great if you could leave feed back about the brush set within the comments below.

Licensing details

The brush pack made available for free download “Spiral Brush Set” is licensed under the creative commons license. Which means these brushes can be for personal and/or commercial purposes.


File type: .abr

Compatibility: Photoshop

Brushes in set: 15

Size: 1.00 MB



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  • Marilyn

    SWEET brush set! Thanks :)

  • Dylan

    great brush collection. Thanks for sharing ;)

  • Malc Dow


  • Saw Htoo

    Thanks for sharing these great brushes.

  • Devananda

    I love & like this sets very much after using the tools inthis set very easy.
    Thanks a lot to the team of this brush set maker.

  • Luxis4

    Hey, very nice :’DD been looking for something like that : DD

    BUT CAN SOMEONE HELP ME FIND OUT HOW YOU GUYS MADE THE BACKGROUND? since it’s little blurry with blue and pink with a smoke effect almost , and rest black? i wonder how you do that? :S please tell me or can someone give me a site to a tutorial :) ? thx

  • Valerie

    I love new brushes!

    • Mestre Search

      me too ^^

  • Serious

    Nice Brushes =)
    how i put the color in the brush?

  • Nio

    It’s nice brush…..

  • clippingimages

    Nice attractive Spiral Brush Set. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • Dan g

    Awesome brushes ! Thanks alot

  • Jolis

    I LOVE this set. Have used it a lot since I downloaded it 2 weeks ago. You have made some sweet spirals in this set. THANK YOU!!

  • Chat


  • Santhoshsiva

    Thanks to all Uploaders

    By Siva

  • natalia santafe rosario

    muchas gracias por compartir!!!!!!!!! tHANKS FOR SHARE!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    is there a version for illustrator?

  • Amr Mohammed

    Thank you very much .. very nice

  • Alessandro

    Thanks for sharing it !

  • AJ

    Really nice brush set – Shared on my website at:

  • Background Remover

    Cool, got it :)
    Thank you soooo much ❤
    Background Removal Service | Clipping Path Service

  • Clipping Care

    Wow!! totally free stuff for commercial purpose!! Thank you very much :)

    Clipping Path Service | Photo Retouching Services | Background Remover

  • Mestre Search

    great brushs
    for me the more perfect is the spiral… wow so beatfiul
    i love it :D

    Cheers Ferramenta SEO

  • Md Rasel Mridha Photo editor

    i know it can be silly question but i am really very interested for that reason i am asking is these brushes has any version for the illustrator.

  • Clippingpath Saffron
  • Clippingpath Saffron
  • Mahmud hasan

    It is extremely helpful for me.Because This icon is good for business Thank you