Free Fresh Slick RSS Icon Set

fresh-rss-icons-banner A very fresh but slick RSS icon set exclusive to Creative Nerds Readers, the icon set includes a range of various different colours for you to have a play around with. I hope you like the icons, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the icon set.

Licensing Details

The Icon pack made available for free download “Fresh RSS Icons” is licensed under the creative commons license. Which means these icons can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes.fresh-rss-icons

File type: .PNG

Icons in set: 8 Icons

Icon Size: 200x200px


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  • f8

    Thank you, very nice work.

  • Boni

    Fresh icon, but It’s better if there is also twitter or other social icon… I hope :)

  • Hossein

    is the good

  • Vladimir

    Beautiful and Clean Graphics on these RSS Icons.

  • Biju Subhash

    great list.
    thank you for sharing..
    here an another link for 3D rss feed icon:

  • 360 dude

    I’m going to bookmark this afterward make time for the perfect time to go through this and even re-read this. Appreciate your posting this sort of awesome articles on RSS. We rarely bother with these.