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50 Free 3D High Quality PSD File Icons


The roundup is a compilation of high quality 3D icons. Each icon set included within the post offer a fully layered PSD file, which are free to download and enjoy. It’s truly a great post which any design junky will enjoy.

The beauty of downloading high quality icon sets, which provide the PSD file is that they are great educational tool. They allow you dissect each layer within icon to gain a understanding upon how it was created, to enable you to create awesome looking icon sets of your own, which I personally find to be a great way to learn.

I would love to hear in the comments your favorite PSD file featured in the post. After you finish reading the post you should check out another one of our articles on how to create high quality icon, 50 Illustrator Tutorials To Create High Quality Icons

1. Home PSD & iconshome-psd-icon

2. Drawing tools icondrawing-tools-icons

3. Winner Cup Iconwinner-cup-psd-icon

4. Pistol iconpistol-icon

5. Swords and shield iconsword-and-shield-icon

6. Battery PSD & iconsbattery-psd-icons

7. Telephone icontelephone-psd-icon

8. rss free iconsrss-big-3d-icons

9. Leather briefcase PSDbusiness-briefcase-icons

10. Firefox Iconfirefox-icons

11. 3D shapes PSD & icons3d-shapes-psd-icon

12. Adobe CS4 iconscs4-psd-icons

13. Video projector iconvideo-project-icon

14. Silver computer database iconsilverdatabase-icon

15. Megaphone iconmega-phone-psd-icon-file

16. Recycle Bin Iconrecyle-bin-icon

17. White paper airplane iconairplane-icon

18. Calendar iconcalender-3d-icon

19. Customer service iconcustormer-service-icon

20. Ice candy PSD & iconsice-candy-psd-file

21. Chrome MkII Icons and PSDchrome-psd-icons

22. Virus scan iconvirus-scan-psd-icon-file

23. iPod nanoipod-nano-psd-file

24. Space rocket iconspace-rocket-icon

25. Stage spotlight iconspot-light-icon-psd-file

26. Computer monitor iconcomputer-monitor-icon

27. Blank button templateblank-button-psd-template

28. Hard Disk Icons – PSDharddisk-psd-icon

29. Wooden speakers PSD & iconswooden-speaker-icons

30. Financial graph iconfinicial-graph-icon

31. StormTrooper Iconstorm-trooper-icon

32. Paper coffee cup iconcoffie-cup-inspiration-icons

33. Money in wallet iconwallet-psd-icon

34. Hamburger Iconhamburger-icon-psd-file

35. Hamburger Iconhamburger-icon-psd-file

36. Address book iconaddress-book-icon-psd-file

37. Cardboard box iconcardboard-icon

38. Folder icon3d-folder-psd-icon

39. Excellent settings iconsettings-icon-psd

40. XBOX 360 iconxbox-360-icon

41. App Keyboard Iconsapp-key-board-icons

42. Magnifying glass search iconmagnfying-glass-icon

43. Web box iconweb-box-icon

44. Plasma Tv Iconplasma-tv-screen

45. PSD calendarpsd-calender-icon

46. Box & DropBox icons PSDdrop-box-icon

47. Recycle bin iconrecyle-bin-psd-icon

48. 3D book mockup3d-book-icon

49. Project Portfolio Iconsadobe-icons

50. Mockup LCD TVlcd-tv-icon

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