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Beautiful Argyle Seamless Vector Patterns


40 beautiful unique Argyle vector patterns created exclusive for Creative Nerds readers, seamless patterns are beautiful and are used heavily within web design and this collection of great pattern I’m sure will be useful in upon coming design projects.

Useful Quick tips

How to load illustrator files from eps ?

How to define patterns to be used in Photoshop ?

License Details – Creative Commons License

These vector patterns can be used in commercial and non commercial design project.

You may not redistrutbe or sell these vector patterns.argail-patterrn_0024_25 argail-patterrn_0025_26 argail-patterrn_0026_27 argail-patterrn_0027_28 argail-patterrn_0028_29 argail-patterrn_0029_31 argail-patterrn_0030_32 argail-patterrn_0031_33 argail-patterrn_0032_34 argail-patterrn_0033_35 argail-patterrn_0034_36 argail-patterrn_0035_37 argail-patterrn_0036_38 argail-patterrn_0037_39 argail-patterrn_0038_40 argail-patterrn_0039_41 argail-patterrn_0000_1 argail-patterrn_0001_2 argail-patterrn_0002_3 argail-patterrn_0003_4 argail-patterrn_0004_5 argail-patterrn_0005_6 argail-patterrn_0006_7 argail-patterrn_0007_8 argail-patterrn_0008_9 argail-patterrn_0009_10 argail-patterrn_0010_11 argail-patterrn_0011_12 argail-patterrn_0012_13 argail-patterrn_0013_14 argail-patterrn_0014_15 argail-patterrn_0015_16 argail-patterrn_0016_17 argail-patterrn_0017_18 argail-patterrn_0018_19 argail-patterrn_0019_20 argail-patterrn_0020_21 argail-patterrn_0021_22 argail-patterrn_0022_23 argail-patterrn_0023_24

What does the download contain ?

  • An eps file which contains all of the vector patterns which can be loaded into illustrator or another alternative vector program.
  • 40 Jpg images which can be used instantly as a web design background as well as using the jpg to be used within photoshop.

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