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20 new free fonts created in 2024

In this post, we are delving into fresh fonts, each of which was created in 2024. The post presents a great compilation of various different fonts, all of which are ideally suited for a broad spectrum design projects. These projects can range from traditional print media to digital design projects. The versatility of these fonts makes them an invaluable asset for all kinds of creative need. To top it off, these fonts are available at absolutely no cost, perfects for designers on a budget. However, we do recommend that you take a moment to look over the license details. This is to ensure you fully understand the terms of use and the specific situations where these fonts can be freely utilized.

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2. Hearns

3. Super Bloom Font

4. Aquiver

5. ZT Chintzy Heavy Font

6. Natural Handwritten

7. Kalheo

8. Velvet Whisper Font

9. Campana Script

10. Cubex

11. Apple Crush Font

12. Power smash

13. Aexir

14. Sweet Heart

15. Krobold Font


17. Alongside

18. Super Ocean Font

19. Mailgets

20. Cybergame

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