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10 High Quality Seamless Patterns You Must Add To Your Design Arson


So its coming up to 6months since Creative Nerds team launched their 3rd design blog Vector Patterns so far it’s been pleasure to work on. To celebrate 6months of Vector Patterns where going to run down Top 10 Vector Patterns which we have featured on the site, this is to showcase to new readers to vector patterns the best content which has been featured on the site so far. Stay tuned to Vector Patterns because there’s a lot more great content on the horizon.

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1. Squared Plaid Illustrator And Photoshop Pattern


A sweet plaid pattern design which is great to look at. A really vibrant pattern set with a lot of uses of the different shades of colours. This pattern resembles are Burberry fabric type, this pattern could be used in some pretty awesome ways i just hope you all enjoy it put it to good use.

2. Cute Folk Seamless Vector Pattern


A really colourful folk vector pattern which scaled down up made larger, a colourful vector patter made available to be used within commercial design projects. The pattern is available in seven different colours i hope you enjoy.

3. A Seamless Typography Horror Photoshop and illustrator patternhorror-words

A collection of horror words used to form seamless pattern. This is the perfect pattern to be used within print to create a horror poster this is a great resources for designers especially with Halloween approaching at the end of the month.

4. Festive Seamless Winter Vector Pattern


A great festive winter vector pattern design of snow flakes designs. The pattern designs are available in four different colours in a traditional winter blue colour and traditional Christmas colours. This pattern was a pleasure to create we would love to hear your thoughts upon what you think about the pattern.

5. A Very Beautiful Floral Seamless Vector Pattern


A very beautiful unique floral vector pattern available in a wide range of various colours. The beauty of this pattern is that’s its available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

6. Star Gear seamless vector And Photoshop Pattern


A pattern which i really enjoyed creating. The pattern started off as a simple star pattern then i decided that it would be really cool if i could throw some gears into the pattern, i thought it actually worked out quite well and looked pretty cool the endcome. We would love to hear your thoughts on pattern in short comment.

7. Metal Seamless Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern


A free realistic metal effect vector pattern which can be scaled down to be made bigger or larger. The beauty of this vector pattern set its also available as a free Photoshop pattern file for you to play around with.

8. Crazy Circles Free Seamless Premium Vector Pattern


Wow really enjoyed creating this seamless vector pattern set and the final outcome turned out very well. An amazing circle pattern constructed using simply just circles available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

9. Hand Drawn Pastel Flowers Seamless Pattern


This pattern was a pleasure creating because the pattern was unique and and their is not many patterns on the web which use pastels to create a pattern, it was great to create a pattern which is outside of the box. The pattern set includes a Photoshop pattern file which can be loaded straight into Photoshop, making it easier to play around and manipulate the patterns.

10. Ornament Free Seamless Vector Pattern


A vintage old ornament seamless vector pattern created using illustrator, this pattern can be used when creating a vintage design to give this design a more authentic look. This pattern is free to be used commercial design projects as well as non commercial design projects, hope you enjoy and fee free to leave a comment to share your feedback.

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