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The one stop shop for keeping up to date with the latest design and web development news. Each month we round up the very best design news and web development articles all into one blog post, which is popular post amongst our readers.

Jan 01 2012

Happy New Year 2012


New year new start, set new new targets achieve new goals. Nothings unachievable as long as your prepared to work hard. Once again happy new year and I hope the new year is a prosperous one, and you continue to read and support Cr...

Dec 25 2011

Merry Christmas From Creative Nerds


Just a short message to thank you our readers for your support through out 2011. I hope you continue to support us as Creative Nerds continues to grow. Merry Chistmas and a happy new year, try not to work too hard and just enjoy...

Dec 01 2011

Best Of Web And Design In November 2011


A monthly 2011 roundups are slowly coming to an end, This roundup contains a great collection of some advanced Photoshop and illustrator tutorials. Along side some great tutorial also some great freebies for designer as well as go...

Nov 11 2011

Check Out Our Google+ Page Its Awesome


A little off topic but we have created a Google+ page which we have some pretty dam awsome plans for content which we are publishing over their. We also will be featuring a lot of good tutorials and resources which will be of ...

Sep 29 2011

Best Of Web And Design In September 2011


This is a wrap of the month of September featuring all best Photoshop and illustrator tutorials published throughout September, as well as a great collection of freebies and good web design articles to read. I hope you enjoy the r...

Sep 01 2011

Best Of Web And Design In August 2011


Its the end of the British summer to wrap up the last month of the summer, we compiled a list of all the best tutorials, articles and freebies from the past month. This roundup is perfect to catch up on what exactly has been hot i...

Aug 01 2011

Best Of Web And Design In July 2011


All this great weather has meant the online design community has been fairly quiet this month, never the less all the best tutorials and freebies are featured within our monthly roundup. The highlight of this month and post has to...

Jun 30 2011

Best Of Web And Design In June 2011


A quiet month in terms of quality design tutorial been realised within June, but nerveless their has been some great high freebie certainly worth checking out. I would love to hear your thoughts on this months roundup and what’s...

May 30 2011

Best Of Web And Design In May 2011


Another month has gone by so quick again, This month as per usually we have been capable of  capturing all the best best Photoshop and illustrator tutorials all into on post. I hope you enjoy our monthly wrap up and we would love...

May 02 2011

Best Of Web And Design In April


The best of the web a very slow month in terms of new Photoshop tutorials, maybe because of the great weather we have been having. There has been a ton of sweet illustrator tutorials worth checking out, especialy the chrome text e...