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16 Design Blogs For Learning Illustrator


There’s a lack of good illustrator blogs out their at the moment, so I’ve decided to compile a roundup of a 16 of my own personal favourite design blogs for learning how to use illustrator. If of missed any from the list it would great if you could share it with us in the comments below.

1) Vector Tuts

Vector tuts is one of the best vector sites at the moment its updated regularly and its got good content offering new tutorials and freebies for readers regularly through out the week.


2) VectTips

The best illustrator website for weekly vector inspiration, it also has useful tutorials and freebies for its readers. The editor is Ryan Putnam whose an awesome illustrator who also writes for vector tuts.


3) Vector Diary

Vector diary another great illustrator blog which offers and covers so much great recourses for learning illustrator from stock vectors to awsome tutorials.image

4) Blog Spoon Graphics

Blog spoon graphics a great site which offers simple tutorials for illustrator newbie’s and experts, which you can learn some useful tips and tricks.


5) Ai burn

Ai burn is not updated as much as it use to be but is still a great blog with awesome content. The site editor is Sean Hodge the editor of PSD Tuts and Vector Tuts two of best design tutorial websites at the moment.


6) Aivault

Aivault features great freebies and tutorials every thing you will need in order to learn how to use illustrators basics and it most advanced features.


7) Veerle’s blog

Veerle’s blog is ran by a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. The blog is a personal journal to an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to adobe illustrator graphic design tips.


8) Web Designer Wall

The web designer wall is not a blog dedicated to illustrator, but it does  have the odd illustrator tutorial which is usually good showing basic techniques which can be accomplished using illustrator.


9) Colorburned

Colorburned is beginning to have some superb illustrator tutorials featured on their site, Its definitely a great design blog worth watching out for to discover new illustrator tutorials.


10) Layers Magazine

What i liked most about layers magazine is that some of the tutorials are video tutorials which are a lot more easier to follow.


11) Digital Arts Online

Digital Arts online is great design magazine and the blog is just as good as the magazine. The blog consists of mainly advanced illustrator and photoshop tutorials.


12) ndesign studio

Step-by-step Adobe Illustrator tutorials with original source file download. These Illustrator techniques are intended for intermediate users (require some basic knowledge of Illustrator).


13) learnit2

Only a few illustrator tutorials on this blog, but the site is still growing with some very useful tutorials worth checking out.


14) abduzeedo

This blog was created and developed by Fabio Sasso, a Brazilian designer living in Porto Alegre (south of Brazil). Abduzeedo offers great illustrator tutorials and inspiration for illustrators.


15) learnai

learnai is a design blog featuring all the best adobe illustrator tutorials from all around the web.


16) gomediazine

Go Media is a group of guys and girls who are passionate about art and graphic design. Their blog is basically filled with lots of helpful tutorials illustrator and also photshop tutotorials.image

16) Design Chair

Design Chair a great site to find the best illustrator tutorials on the internet, the blog is ran by the Creative Nerds team and is updated daily with awesome tutorials.


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