Creative Nerds Fresh New Site Redesign

new-cn-banner-design The time has come where we have finally decided to release the brand new fresh Creative Nerds design. In the article we discussed why we decided to redesign Creative Nerds and discussed some of the changes which have been made to the new design.


Redesigning a blog is one of hardest decisions you can make and face as a blogger. In my personal opinion if your designing and coding a blog from start to finish yourself it can be a very time consuming process and a big decision to make because a new design can either broaden your site across to a wider audience or could even do the complete opposite loose a lot of readers because of the new design layout, features or functions of the new blog which have been implemented.

Heres a screen of what Creative Nerds use to look like, Just to give you a reminder of the old design.


The Redesign

The overall redesign was implemented just to give the overall design a more fresh new up to date look. Below we discussed aspects of site which we have brought up to date and gave a fresh new look as well the new features and future changes/updates.

New background

We was previously using just a simply cream colour as the background for the old creative nerds design, we have now decided to use red bokeh background as the background image which defiantly attracts readers attention because of vibrant colours chosen in the design.


New footer

The previous footer design to be brutally honest was ugly and the colours didn’t work as well as we originally thought. The new footer design we tried to select colours which worked well together with the overall design and focused more attention to detail.


New Features

In the old Creative Nerds we wanted to implement so many features to Creative Nerds to the point where it began to get very cluttered, therefore with the new design we have freed up a lot of space in order to make more space available for future further features/extensions which we may considered implementing in the future.

Hosted on faster new server

Creative Nerds has been made allot faster ever since we decided to moved it over to a new server over at Media temple, therefore it’s a lot faster for navigating through Creative Nerds while reading various articles throughout the blog.

More coming soon

We will be making more minor tweaks to the new design in the upcoming months so be on the lookout for any tweaks and new features which may be added to the new design.

Feedback on Redesign

Thoughts and feedback on the new design would really be appreciated we would loved to find what our readers think of our fresh new design, so don’t be shy your more than welcome to leave a comment.

There are so many design changes which we have changed around and we could spend all day writing about all the new changes we have made but why not take look for yourself and leave some feedback on what you think.


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  • designfollow

    great theme.

    good luck.

  • Franco

    Amazing, love the new design. Congratulations for an excellent job.

  • Mike Smith

    I like it a lot. The one thing I really don’t care much for is the related posts section since it takes so much scrolling to get down to the comment section.

  • Steve Robillard

    Very nice, you seem to have added several new pieces but managed to keep the visual noise the same or maybe even reduced it. The one nit pick I have is the same as the previous version the color of the main (pumpkin pie)navigation bar doesn’t really seem to fit the rest of the site.

  • Jamie

    Nice work, looks really good.

  • TimothyBlake

    Thanks for comment guys, feedback means so much to me.

    @Mike Smith – I see what you mean mike about your scrolling for long time, i thought it would a be great way thoe to deffernetly catch readers attention on other related artiles which they may like.Cheers for the feedback.

    @Steve Robillard – Ye i see what you mean about the pumpkin navgation he he i actually did try imporved it i really began to hate the last one. Cheers for the feedback.

  • George

    Nice work guys. Bokeh background is cool :)

  • Saad Bassi

    Everything is pretty awesome except the width of category navigation. I think it should be slim. Except that Nice Work.:)

  • Ad Casey

    Hi, I think the redesign is v.nice. Very clear and concise – easy to read and pick out articles of interest.

    I don’t necessarily agree with Steve i think the “pumpkin pie” colour is nice – each to their own though i guess!

    Keep up the good work!

  • jane

    fast loading, appealing clean design & easy navigation .. I don’t have a problem with any of it!.. if ya got to scroll some then so be it, scroll I say!.. nice job! :)

  • AdlanKhalidi

    Wow. Splashing design. Er but I mean I have this glaring issue. Very bright header. Feeling hot in here!

  • Nicole

    Hi there,

    first thing I thought was: your header looks a bit like the german flag: black – red – gold. Haha…:)
    Not really my favorite colors and I’m not too crazy about the font you’re using for the headlines, but overall I think it’s a great improvement. I LOVE the search bar and the new footer!

    Oh, and I can’t see your new background image (browsing with Chrome), just a dark red gradient. o.O


  • TimothyBlake

    @Saad Bassi – A few people have said that on twitter actually about the navigation may be this is something we should improve, thanks for the feedback.

  • TimothyBlake

    @Ad Casey – Thanks for feedback it means alot, if it was’nt for you their would’nt be a Creative Nerds.

  • TimothyBlake

    @Nicole – I see what you mean about the header but i suppose each to their own. I’m viewing it chrome i’m viewing it in chrome im not having any problems but ill have a look into it.

    @AdlanKhalidi – Ye i see what you mean but its different it will deffernetly make you rember the site.

    @jane – Graet postive feedbacak i’m glad you like the site.

  • Richie

    Super redesign timothy. I love the header bokeh image. Looks exotic!!! Footer is neat as well.

    I think you should also redesign your logo. Keep the fire, but make it more appealing so that it matches the new style of your site :D

  • Mayanktaker

    Cool design.. also check my site’s new design. :)
    I like the color combination of your site. :)

  • Sven Digital Design

    It took a while to load the background (and article, actually), but once up it looks good. Very Web 2.0, with the large icons, wide navigation, etc. Well done.

  • TimothyBlake

    @Richie – Ye the logo i think may be is going to be the next thing which i redesign. Thanks for the feedback Richie

    @Mayanktaker – Thanks for the feedback, also sweet new design very clean

  • Gonzo the Great

    Hi Timothy,

    a redesign should always be better, look better, etc. I think you made that happen .., the bokeh-background looks great!

    The points made by @Richie and @Mike Smith are very constructive, you could do something with that?

    Keep up the good word, Cheers & Ciao …

  • TimothyBlake

    @Gonzo the Great – Thankyou for the kind words thanks a lot for the feedback.

  • Nicole Dominguez

    You guys might wanna check the site in Safari, the text is lookin kinda funky. :)

  • Jose Angel

    Excellent renovation! Successes in with this new face!

  • Rose_Ca

    I like the change. I think the pumpkin colour works well with the background image. The only change I would make (personal preference) is to reduce the height of the black bar at the very top of the page by about half. I think a hint of black would be nice to tie in with the headlines but the black colour is a bit overpowering (in my opinion).

  • Bogdan Sandu

    It’s very bubbly. :D

  • TimothyBlake

    @Rose_Ca – thanks for the feedback very nice suggestion somthing i will take it on board.

  • Robyn Durst

    I like the updates you made to the site. It looks a bit more updated and professional. I’m glad the bokah design fades away quickly, because to be honest it’s a bit much on the eyes! Otherwise, I really like the changes.

  • george

    You say you’re now hosting on Media Temple – are you on their (gs) or (dv) package? If you’re on (gs) then I’d start praying now.

  • Matthew Heidenreich

    Everyone seems to be redesigning these days! Great new look. My only beef would be the orange navigation doesn’t feel like it goes so well with the red. Other than that, great and original work!

  • TimothyBlake

    @Matthew Heidenreich – Ye when you see people around you rolling out fresh newsdesigns, it really makes you want to bring something fresh to the table. Ye the orange nav bar most people really hate it or really love it been getting a lot of mixed feedback about it.

  • cheth

    Simply wow! pretty unique layout… great job. Love the bokeh effect!

  • TimothyBlake

    @cheth – Cheers buddy by the way loveing the new chethstudios design.

  • Matthew Heidenreich


    The more you look at it the more you like it, i feel like its just the initial glance that it throws you off. I think people just aren’t used to the combination, but you’ve seemed to have pulled it off.

  • TimothyBlake

    @Matthew Heidenreich – Thanks buddy i compleately aggree with you could’nt of said it better myself.

  • Rowjie

    i love the new design, especially the circles. :)

  • daniel

    This is a great design. There are just two issues for me.

    The navigation slices for the hover states are out in IE8 – IE8 standards mode.

    The background image is very nice but just cuts off/ends and then there is a solid maroon colour. I would recommend making the background image a bit longer and fade into the maroon colour.

  • Sila Mahmud

    This is really fantastic. The unlimited access makes it even
    better .