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Best design articles from 2022

This is our annual tradition, which we look back at some of our personal favourite blogs post we have published on Creative Nerds throughout the year of 2022. There’s a range of different types of posts included within the wrap up from high quality free icons sets to free photoshop brushes. We hope you enjoy looking back some of our favourite posts, and would love to hear from you if there’s a particular post we created for you this year.

A massive thank you to anyone who has read or shared one of our posts its immensely appreciated.

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160 Four seasons free icons with the best of each season icons

This is a tremendous icons. The set has been designed exclusively for Creative Nerds readers by the amazing guys over at Free Pik. The icon set includes 160 icons with icons for each season spring, autumn, summer and winter. The icons come in both png format and svg so that the icons look crisp and smooth on mobile and retina devices. Not to blow our own trumpets, but this icon set is truly one of a kind and one of the best free icon sets out there.

Colorful spray paint free texture set – Edition 2

This edition 2 of our colorful spray paint texture we released last year. This is a great high resolution spray paint texture 2000px by 2000px. The texture is perfect for a wide range of design projects from print to digital design. Its a great texture your really enjoy using throughput projects 100% free to where ever you please.

How to create a glitch Photo effect using Photoshop

This is a short video tutorial sharing with you how to create a glitch photo effect using Photoshop. Its a great simple effect, and easy to follow tutorial for creating your very own flitch effect. The technique can be applied to almost any photo of your choosing. This is good effect your really enjoy using in future projects and artwork.

Triangle colorful geometric pattern set

This is great colourful hipster triangle geometric pattern set. This is the perfect pattern for all types of design projects and artwork. The pattern would look great in print design and digital design projects. The pattern comes in 4 different colors to choose from to use. Theres EPS and AI vector format all to choose from to open in your favourite vector editor.

Hexagon bokeh free background

This is a great hexagon bokeh texture, which is a beautiful resource. This a great 100% free texture we are really please to add to add to our library of free textures. I hope you enjoy using the is texture, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our textures.

10 popular photo effects you can recreate using Photoshop

Photoshop is an industry wide used design tool when it comes to editing photographs the majority of phot edits you see online or within print can be recreated using Photoshop. This tutorial we are exploring modern photo effects that can be recreated using Photoshop. All the tutorials featured are step by step tutorials to guide you through the process. There a range of tutorials included from how to create an hand drawn pencil effect to how to add light leaks to your photographs.

Watercolor paint strokes free texture

This is a multi-color paint stripes free texture. The texture is 2500px by 2500px perfect for using in your print and digital projects.

Squared plaid free seamless vector pattern

This is a great squared plaid style scalable seamless vector pattern. The pattern comes in four different colors to choose from to use through out your design projects. Theres two different vector formats to choose from to use. The pattern set is perfect for personal and commercial design projects. Download for free and start enjoy using through out your artwork.

10 must download Creative Nerds Premium brushes

Creative Nerds is our premium membership subscription service where you get access to hundreds of design resources from Photoshop brushes to vectors. This post we have cherry picked 10 of our personal favourite Photoshop brushes we currently have available to download for free as part of your membership.

2.7 Million views on Unsplash download our free photos

Unpslash is a library of free high-resolution photographs contributed by thousands of photographers. We have our very own Creative Nerds Unpslash profile, and are very proud to announce we have reached a major milestone of over 2.7+ million views combined. We have put together this short post to showcase a cherry picked collection of just a handful of the free photos we have available to download.

Sunbursts free Photoshop brush set

This is a great abstract photoshop brush set a must downlod if your a lover of photoshop brushes. Each brush is 4000px a high resolution size perfect to use in print and digital design projects. The brush set contains 4 unique brushes to choose from to use across your design projects and artwork.

44 free technology of the future themed icon set

This another is a tremendous icon set courtesy of the great folks over at Free Pik. The icon set includes  a jaw dropping 44 unique technology of the future themed free icons from robots to rockets a wide variety of various types of different cool fun icons. The set comes in both SVG and PNG format perfect for your any type of digital or print project. This is certainly a must download resource your’ll really enjoy using in your web projects.

10 must watch YouTube channels for improving your design skills

This post is a collection of must watch YouTube channels for design for enhance your design skills and learning some great new techniques. All of these YouTube channels cover step by step design tutorials for Photoshop, Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator, etc a broad range of modern design tools to help further develop your design skills.

Oil splatter stains free Photoshop brush set

This a a free photoshop brush set, which contains 4 oil splatters stains. Its large hi-resolution photoshop brush ser with each brush in the set 2500px by 2500px. Its a great versatile brush you can incorporate in print and digital projects. Its a great way to apply a authentic oil stains effect to your designs in a matter of seconds.

Pipe smoke free Photoshop brush set

This is an authentic pipe smoke photoshop brush set, which is a great way to apply an authentic smoke effect to your artwork. Its a high resolution brush set so can be used in both print and digital artwork projects.

Petal seamless free vector pattern

A colorful free petal seamless pattern set, which contain 3 colorful choices to choose from. This is a great pattern, which can be used across both print and digital design projects. The pattern comes in both EPS and AI format to be used in your favourite vector editor. Its a great free pattern, which is 100% free your really enjoy using across your design projects.

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