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5 premium must download textures

Creative Nerds Premium is an extension of our popular blog. It’s designed to offer premium members an exclusive library of high quality design resources that they can’t find anywhere else. By becoming a premium member, you’ll gain access to a plethora of amazing resources, ranging from Photoshop brushes to seamless vector patterns that are currently available on our website. Moreover, we frequently add new resources to ensure that our premium members have access to the latest and greatest design resources.

Our premium library is home to a vast collection of textures that can be downloaded as part of your premium subscription. In this post, we are excited to share with you some of our personal favorites that you can instantly download if you’re a Creative Nerds Premium member. With our premium membership, you’ll not only have access to exclusive design resources, but you’ll also get to be a part of a thriving community of creative individuals who share your passion for design. So why wait? Join us today and take your design game to the next level!

1. 10 Hi-res spray paint textures

2. 8 grunge textures

3. 10 rising fire flame backgrounds

4. Colourful Halftone background set

5. Wood texture collection set

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Acess to a huge libary of design resources from Photoshop brushes to vector resources.

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