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30 Professional Logo Design Processes Revealed

banner A collection of articles from logo designers who share their tips, tricks and secrets about the process they go through when creating a logo for a client. Including the process which Chris Spooner went through in order to redesign the design bump logo.

1. Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough

Project: myNiteLife

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonermy-night-life

2. Step By Step Design: The Thomas & Gray Logo

Project: Thomas & Gray

Logo Designer: Mario Oconthomas-grey

3. ProBlogger Logo Design

Project: Pro Blogger

Logo Designer: Mike pro-blogger

4. Logo Design Process Tutorial

Project: LTD

Logo Designer: Dry Iconsltd

5. Dache: Logo Design Process

Project: Dache

Logo Designer: Nick Laweb-mynd

6. Design Bump Logo Design Process

Project: Design Bump

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonerdesign-bump

7. Logo design for Social Signal

Project: Social Signal

Logo Designer: Geert Leyseelesocial-signal

8. Hot Box Logo Design

Project: Hotbox

Logo Designer: Dachehotbox

9. Komplett Fitness brand identity design

Project: Komplett Fitness

Logo Designer: David Arieykomplete-fittness

10. Logo Design Process for Just Creative Design’s Award Winning Logo

Project: Just Creative Design

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassjust-creative-design

11. The Logo Design Process for Ultimate Potential

Project: Ultimate Potential

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassultimate-potiential

12. JoomlaBamboo Logo Design Process

Project: JoomlaBamboo

Logo Designer: Graham Smith


13. Giacom brand identity design

Project: Giacom

Logo Designer: David Arieygigacom

14. Troove Logo Design Process

Project: troove

Logo Designer: Dachetrove

15. Logo Design Process For FITUCCI

Project: FITUCCI

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassfituu

16. Stratega

Project: Stratega

Logo Designer: Gavin Elliotstrategia

17. Brainstorm #9 Logo Process

Project: Braincast9

Logo Designer: Fabio Sassobrain-cast

18. The creative process for the Design Cubicle’s logo

Project: The Design Cubicle

Logo Designer: Brian Hoffdesign-cubicle

19. Mindberry Logo Design

Project: Mindberry

Logo Designer: Dachemindberry

20. Logo design process of Scroll magazine

Project: Scroll Magazine

Logo Designer: veerlescroll

21. Henri Ehrhart brand identity design

Project: Henri Ehrhart

Logo Designer: David Arieyhenri

22. Tammy Lenski brand identity design

Project: Tammy Lenski

Logo Designer: David Arieytammy-lanski

23. Sikbox Logo Design Process

Project: sikbox

Logo Designer: Fabio Sasso


24. Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Project: Vivid Ways

Logo Designer: Chris Spoonervividways

25. Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways

Project: ecometrica

Logo Designer: David Arieyecommetrica

26. Logo Design and Stationery for Aspire Hypnotherapy

Project: Aspire Hypnotherapy

Logo Designer: Gavin Elliottaspire

27. A Special Need logo design process

Project: Special Need logo

Logo Designer: Brian Hoffspeacial-need

28. Siah Design

Project: Siah Design

Logo Designer: Siah Design


29. The dache Logo Design Evolution

Project: Dache

Logo Designer: David Pachedache

30. Identity Design Process for Butterfield Photography

Project: Butterfield Photography

Logo Designer: Jacob Cassbutterfield


A well designed logo is essential to your business if you intend on building a brand presence. It needs to be easy to remember & recognize, simple enough to go on business promotional items and still get a simple message about your company to potential customers. Hope these tutorials have helped!

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