Best Of Web And Design In August 2012

The end of the summer is a approaching. The nights begin to get darker and colder, the perfect time to spend some time doing some Photoshop and illustrator tutorials. This months round-up features a great collection of tutorials, alongside some awsome web related ...


6 Tips For Making Photoshop CS6 Faster

Photoshop CS6 is truly an amazing application, and adobe have made some fantastic enhancements. The only drawback I found upgrading from CS3 to CS6 was the speed differential between the two applications. When using Photoshop CS6 I always felt i was unable to work effic...


Transparent Free Seamless Petal Vector Pattern

I created this pattern using the new pattern filter in illustrator cs6. There was many limitation that my original method i used for creating seamless patterns. I do prefer this new filter in illustrator, but will certainly take some time mastering. Playing around with ...