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The Easiest Way To Cut Out Photos In Photoshop


This tutorial shows you a really easy method of cutting out images using Photoshop, rather than using some of  the more complicated methods such as the pen tool and lasso tool. This tutorial is a screen cast, therefore i will be guiding you through out the whole entire process.


Tutorial Details

Difficulty: Beginner

Program: Photoshop


images used courtesy of big stock


images used courtesy of big stock



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9 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Cut Out Photos In Photoshop

  1. Nice tut! I’ve tried live trace, but I think the images I used had too much going on in regards to correctly defining the edge of the object I was trying to cut out. I’ve heard that you can do really sweet things with live trace, like cutting out very detailed items such as feathers.

    I don’t think I filled the item with the bucket tool when I tried it. I’m going to have to follow your tut and try it again! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You can do that in CS5 even with complicated edges like hair strands with its Refine Edge Tool. For older versions, the tut indeed is the easiest way to cut out images.

  3. it would be great to note, what version of photoshop you used in the tutorial. photoshop cs5 doesn’t have the ‘extract’ filter under the filter menu.

  4. Hi,

    First of all, I have to say that you have giving me a few nice tips over here and I’m about to buy PhotoShop because I realize it could be so useful for my biz.

    What is the best way to learn photoshop quickly …?
    You look very experienced and good at what you are doing so maybe you could help me out!


  5. looked great in principle, but i am using PS CS5 and it doesn’t have the Extract option. Apparently we are advised to use the Refine Mask tool now.
    Looks like you were using PS CS5 ext version
    perhaps in 32 bit mode though?

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