Quick Tip: How to Create An Hand Drawn Text Effect


A great quick tip delivered in the format of a screen cast curtsey of Creative Nerds. This tutorial shows you how to create a unique hand drawn text effect using illustrator with a great simply outcome show you a great technique.

Tutorial Details

Difficulty: Beginner

Tutorial estimation time: 3 to 6mins

Program: Illustrator

Expected Outcomepreview

The Screencast

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Today, I’ve got a quick tip on how to create a hand drawn text effect. Let’s start off by creating a new document. We’re going to give the document a name of Hand Drawn Text Effect. Or you can just call it whatever you want. It’s totally up to you. You want to have a width of 1024 pixels and a height of 800 pixels. Once you’ve typed in the width and height, select the OK button.

We’re going to head over and grab the type tool. Draw a type tool box. I’m just going to type in some random text. For the sake of the tutorial, we’re going to use creative nerds as our text. We want to ensure that we’re using Myradpro. It doesn’t really matter what font you use, but this is what font we’re using in the tutorial, Myradpro. I’m using bold and italic.

You want to make the font size about 90 pixels. We’re going to head over to filter, effects, stylize. We’re going to set scribble. Then what we’re going to do is just play around with these numbers. We’re going to change the angle to 30. Path, we don’t want our path to overlap so we’re going to keep it at zero pixels. We don’t want any variations so zero once again. We’re going to have a stroke width of two pixels. Curviness, zero. Variation, again, zero and spacing, five. Then, we’re going to keep the variation this time at 0.5.

Then, what we’re going to do is select the OK button. Then, we’re going to add a stroke, dark gray. Change the text around so it’s a bit lighter. Then, there you go, hand drawn text effects. It took less than a couple of minutes to achieve.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. If so, please leave a comment. Comments are always appreciated at Creative Nerds. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned for future tutorials.


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  • designi1

    Simple but great tip :D

  • Michael (Minnesota Web Designer)

    Simple but very cool. I had never used the scribble effect before — didn’t even know it existed until now. Thanks!

  • jaka zulham

    not bad, thanks for quick tips

  • Vitor

    Thanks! Simple and effective effect.

  • Michelle

    Good to know this. Simple way to give personallity in our designs

  • Brett Widmann

    This was a great tutorial! Thank you.