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Quick tip: A fast way to export layers within Photoshop

We will be exploring one of the fastest methods for exporting individual layers within Photoshop as individual JPGs. The days of spending hours using the Photoshop slice tool are thing of the past. This is a huge time saver that will save you a ton of time when exporting assets within Photoshop.

I hope this quick tip is a useful technique that can become part of your workflow when using Photoshop. There’s plenty of great screencast we recommend checking out from Photoshop to illustrator quick tips.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Photoshop
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: Less than 2 minutes

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to Creative Nerds. Today’s tutorial, we’ll be showing you how you can export images within Photoshop in a matter of seconds, specifically images that are on their own individual layers so we can just export every single layer within Photoshop into an image format.

So to do that, we want to head over to the layers panel, set this little menu icon, and then we’re simply going to select “Export As PNG,” choose a folder, so we’re going to call it “New,” we’re going to create a new folder called “New.” And then select “Okay.” So that’s where the images will be exported to. And there you go, so all the images within our Photoshop document have been exported into their own individual layer and are each on a transparent background.

This is a great little Photoshop quick tip which will save you huge amounts of time when working in design projects and exporting resources and assets. Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for watching and stay tuned to Creative Nerds for further quick tips on how to use Photoshop.

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71 thoughts on “Quick tip: A fast way to export layers within Photoshop

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