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How To Create Seamless Patterns Using Illustrator CS6


We have another great illustrator quick tip to share with you. The quick tip utilizes how you can use the pattern feature in the latest version of illustrator, in order to construct seamless vector patterns. The tutorial is a great starting point for gaining an understanding of how the new pattern tool feature works, its also a step towards mastering new feature.

I hope you enjoy the quick tip. I would love hear in the comments your thoughts on the tutorial and I hope you enjoy. We have a YouTube channel where you can watch previous quick tips, also don’t forget to be subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss another tutorial.


Note: The video is available in HD, so when watching the video be certain to change the definition to HD.


Tutorial Details

Difficulty: Beginner

Tutorial estimation time: 6 to 3mins

Program: Illustrator CS6




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