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How to create a bokeh background using Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial I will be showing you how to to create a popular photo effects. A bokeh background using Photoshop. The tutorial end result take’s less than a few minutes to archive. The technique it self is widely used as background in print design, web design etc. It’s the perfect way to add a vibrant background to your designs.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Photoshop
  • Time estimation: Under 3mins
  • Difficulty: Beginner



Video transcript:

In today’s screencast, we will be showing you how to create a bokeh background using Photoshop. So, this is a really straightforward effect. It takes less than a few seconds to create.

So you want start off by selecting an image of a skyline image. Once you have got an image we’re using this one which we’ve downloaded it from a wallpaper website. You want to head over to Filter, Blur Gallery, Field Blur. And what we’re going do is, we want change the blur to be 125 pixels. And then, we’re gonna add in our bokeh effect, and we want that to be…77% is a little bit too high, so we’ll move it down until we’re happy with the effect. So, that still seems quite bright. So 60% looks like a good ratio, so we’ll go with 60%. And what we could also do is change the color of the bokeh just to make it a little bit more balanced and a little bit more vibrant with a few different colors. So I’ll bring that up to 15%. Once we’re happy with the overall bokeh background effect, we’ll simply select OK. It will start to render our filter which we’ve applied.

And there you go. We’ve created a bokeh background in Photoshop in a matter of seconds. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned to Creative Nerds for quick tips on how to use Photoshop.

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223 thoughts on “How to create a bokeh background using Photoshop

  1. Please also provide written tutorials along with the videos – they are so much more useful (and far better) than a video. Thanks

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