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20 Fresh new illustrator tutorials from 2020 – Part 2

This is part 2 to a popular post we released towards the first part of the year 20 Fresh new illustrator tutorials from 2020. Part 2 of our roundup features another 20 of the best illustrator tutorials created in 2020. This post includes a wide range of illustrator tutorials from illustrations to unique text effects. This is a great way to keep your illustrator skills sharp, as well as learning the latest tools and techniques available within illustrator.

Please do leave in the comments any tutorials missed from the round up,, or any tutorials which have helped improved your own illustrator skills through out 2020.

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1. How to Use an SVG Color Font to Create a Logo Design in Illustrator

In the following steps, you will learn how to create a circle logo design for a tailor using an SVG font in Adobe Illustrator.

2. How to Create a Mountain Landscape in Flat Style in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a natural mountain landscape in flat design using the most basic shapes and tools of Adobe Illustrator.

3. Create a Casio Watch in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic watch using simple tools and techniques like the Align, Pathfinder, Clipping Mask, etc. in Adobe Illustrator. You will also learn how to use gradients and some simple effects to create an awesome 3D look.

4. Illustrator vector tutorial: Superboy character

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a super boy character in Adobe Illustrator.

5. How to Create a Font in Adobe Illustrator

If you’re a designer or illustrator who’s comfortable creating glyphs in Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial is right up your alley! You’ll learn how to create your own font in Illustrator by planning out a letter set, go over ways to refine the font design, and prepare files for use in a font-making program, all from the comfort of Adobe Illustrator.

6. Illustrator vector tutorial: Pizza text effect

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a delicious pizza text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

7. How to Create Halftone Effects in Adobe Illustrator

Halftones are dots of varying sizes and spacing, put together to simulate a tone or gradient. Though it is a method connected to print, the aesthetics of it have made it popular to use even for digital content.

8. Draw a Summer Coconut Cocktail in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you’ll be creating a summer composition with tropical coconut cocktail in a trendy outlined flat style! Let’s learn how to work with the most useful tools of Adobe Illustrator to be able to modify basic geometric shapes and create vibrant illustrations for web-design, t-shirt prints, apparel design and many more! 

9. How to Create a Retro Chrome Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In the following steps you will learn how to create a retro chrome text effect in Adobe Illustrator. 

10. Draw a Tropical Summer Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this warm and sunny tutorial we will design an elegant summer pattern. We’ll be manipulating with the most useful tools of Adobe Illustrator and learn how to draw seamless textures with tropical vibes. Are you ready?

11. How to Curve Text in Illustrator

If you want to learn how to curve text in Illustrator, in this short tutorial I’ll show you how to do it in practice using two different methods. One is simple and quick, and the other is more powerful.

12. How to Create a Magician’s Hat in Adobe Illustrator

Follow this tutorial and learn how to draw a Magic Hat in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is composed of two main parts, creating the hat and creating the head of the rabbit. You will start from basic shapes, complex gradients and with a few distortion techniques that involve the Direct Selection Tool, Roughen and Transform effects you will easily create the shapes that you need. The Align and the Pathfinder options also play an important role in this tutorial.

13. Illustrator vector tutorial: Summer text effect

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a summer inspired text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

14. Create A Water Texture Vector!

It is starting to warm up oustide, so it is only fitting we create a wading water texture vector, like in a pool. It is a relatively quick and easy technique using Illustrator’s EffectsSimplifyOffset Path and some bright colors.

15. Isometric City Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

how you can add colourful shapes to represent the windows, without having to worry about getting the angles right.

16. How to Create a Colourful Geometric Pattern in Illustrator

Making geometric patterns in Adobe Illustrator is always a fun creative project. You can follow the same basic technique each time but experiment with different shapes and colours to create endless pattern styles. Follow along with today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a colourful geometric pattern based on a series of triangle shapes. I’ll show you how developing a simple rule to follow can transform a basic pattern into a much more complex layout with less repetition.

17. Illustrator vector tutorial: Driving cow

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a cute cartoon cow driving a car in Adobe Illustrator.

18. Illustrator vector tutorial: Fish character

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful fish character in Adobe Illustrator.

19. Illustrator vector tutorial: Scarecrow

In this new tutorial you will learn how to create a scarecrow illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

20. How to Create a Graffiti Text Effect in Illustrator

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a graffiti text in Illustrator using a graffiti text font. 

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