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20 Best tutorials for learning adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is certainly the best tool out there for creating motion graphics. It’s serves as one of the very best tools for post video production. It’s not not very difficult to learn. This post is a compilation of tutorials for beginners on how to master the ins and outs of of adobe after effects the basics. The possibilities of what you can achieve with adobe after effects once you grasp an understanding are mind blowing.

1. Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effectstypepography

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create animated typography synchronized with musical events (lyrics). You’ll learn how to fit your typography to a rhythm, add dynamic animations and use the camera and motion blur to create a high-end final effect. This tutorial showcases a technique that is highly sought after in motion graphics today.

2. Understanding interpolation in after effectsafter-effects

One of the most powerful animation features of CS5, learn how to control your animations in different ways using spatial interpolation and temporal interpolation techniques

3. Cleaning up messy projectsadobeeffects-messy

Nothing is worse than trying to work in an After Effects project that’s an absolute mess. In this AE Quick Tip, you will see how simple it is to clean up a project to make it easier to work in, or archive.

4. Create a Stunning Website Demo Presentationscreenshort-web

Nothing is worse than trying to work in an After Effects project that’s an absolute mess. In this AE Quick Tip, you will see how simple it is to clean up a project to make it easier to work in, or archive.

5. 5 Basic Ways To Populate Mass Groups Within After Effectsaemass

The tutorial explains each of the methods, the pros and cons, and goes in depth to show how to create the final preview using the difference matting technique. The last part also contains some general compositing techniques that can be applied to each method.

6. Create a photo montagephoto-motage

Lots of programs and plug-ins create cool photo montages easily and quickly—handy for such things as photo DVDs and slideshows. But what if you don’t have those programs or plug-ins, or you want something a little more creative (yet still as easy to replicate and reuse) using a software program you already own? Afew tricks and techniques in After Effects will have you up and running in no time at all.

7. Endlessly Zoom Into Your Own Droste Effectzoom

In this Basix tutorial, we’ll learn how to create the Droste Effect in Adobe After Effects. We’ll be be parenting our footage to precomps and scaling to give the illusion of an infinite zoom.

8. Adobe After Effects Quick Tip – Importing Image Sequencesimporting-images

Importing is a way of life for After Effects users, but sometimes we end up taking the long road without even realizing it. In this Quick Tip, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you how to handle image sequences, so they are easier to work with in your AE projects.

9. Create A Comic Book Style Animationfreestyle-cage-fighting

There are many ways to make yourself look cool like rescuing babies, planting trees, or even hiring someone with consistently bad breath to hang out with you so you become the social favorite by comparison… it does work. But I think the comic book super hero method ain’t too bad either and so today you’ll learn some helpful workflow tips integrating Photoshop along with how to take your footage and give it that comic book style.

10. Animated Swirls in Adobe After Effectsswirls

Animated swirls are all the rage in the motion graphics world, and there are some pretty cool things that can be done with them. But creating and animating such elements is really not as difficult and time-consuming as it would seem, even if the shapes are detailed and intricate. Bring on the swirls!

11. Shine Some Light On The Situationlight-outide

When working on VFX, you can often measure your success by how invisible you are. If the audience doesn’t know there was an effect created, then you did a good job. In this tutorial I will show you all how to make turn a plain dolly shot into a dynamic room with light rays and a sky replacement.

12. Alignment tools in after effectsalignment-tools-ae

Aligning visual elements inside a project is very important. Franklin McMahon goes over some of the alignment options in After Effects, including the new Align Layers to Composition feature in CS5.

13. Color control in after effectscolour-control

Franklin McMahon discusses 3 features in After Effects CS5 to help improve the color in your video clip: 1) Levels, 2) Vibrance, and 3) the Color Finesse 3 plugin.

14. Animating spray paint effect in after effectsspray-paint

So in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a spray paint effect using After Effects. It’s a fairly simple process but I’ve got a few tricks that you may not have thought of.

15. Rotobrush tool in after effectsrotobrush-tool

The Rotobrush tool in After Effects CS5 automates the tedious task of selecting an object from each frame over the duration of a video clip. In this tutorial, Tom Green shows how easy it is to select the subject from one clip and drag it onto a new background.

16. Life & Style tutorial: Fake the tilt-and-shift look using After Effectstilt

Create an animated ‘toytown’ effect using a crafty tilt-and-shift effect in After Effects.

17. Create a TV bumper in After Effectstv-bumper

Create a cool TV bumper – using mattes in Adobe After Effects and this handy tutorial.

18. Create a Dreamy Logo in the Clouds Animationdreamy-logo

Markus is back to show us how to use a particle generator to create 3D clouds and use them as a transitional device to reveal a logo.

19. Animation essentialsanimation-effects

Animate properties in After Effects CS4. Use the stopwatch, move the current-time indicator, and set values. Create, edit, and delete keyframes.

20. Animating textanimating-text

Get an overview of text animation. Employ manual and automated text animation techniques. Adjust the range selector. Add animation properties.

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