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10 tutorials and guides for learning Affinity Designer

Affinity is a great more affordable alterative to photoshop. Affinity is available on mac, window and Ipad making accessible across a broad range of devices. Its a great application for creating concept art, print projects, logos, icons, UI designs, mock-ups and more. Its become a staple as an application commonly used by a lot of designers instead of photoshop.

This roundup we will be exploring 10 fundamental tutorials, which will help you to learn explore the features in Affinity Designer. The roundup includes guides for using tools to creating concept app. If your looking for an alterative tool to photoshop this is great option worth considering.

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1. Affinity Designer Tutorial – Top 10 Things Beginners Want to Know

This video is the fastest way for beginners to get started with Affinity Designer. If you are new to Affinity Designer, this quick start guide will show everything you need to know. We cover the top 10 things beginners want to know how to do. 

2. Layers Panel

Manage all your objects by storing in layers and groups.

3. A to Z of Affinity Designer: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks!

I’m going to come right out and say it: Affinity Designer is the best overall graphics application package on the market right now.

4. UI overview

5. How To Create A Flat Vector Illustration In Affinity Designer

While this tutorial was kindly sponsored by Serif, the creator of Affinity, we’d like to point out that it is written by an independent design professional who personally enjoys using the software and shares her lessons learned. The author is not affiliated with the product in any way, and the article has been reviewed independently by Serif as well as SmashingMag’s editors.

6. How to Create an Icon in Affinity Designer

You’re going to take an in-depth look at the process of creating an icon in Affinity Designer. You’ll see how you can take some basic geometric shapes and turn them into a usable, functional product.

7. How to Create Colorful Wallpaper in Affinity Designer for iPad

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a colourful wallpaper design for the lock-screen of our iPads using various tools and functions of the new graphics application for iOS, Affinity Designer! Affinity Designer for iPad allows you to combine both vector and raster graphics, creating great images with all the features that can be found in a similar desktop package. 

8. How to Create a Stylish Emoji in Affinity Designer

In the tutorial you are going to create three distinctive emoticons using Affinity Designer. Hope you are ready to have some fun! 

9. Pen Tool Masking in Affinity Designer

Use the Pen tool to create Dynamic Mask of a Selection of an Image and Apply Selective Modifications. This feature really is a standout tool ( as are many in AD) in that you get real feedback as you edit.

10. Everything You Need to Know About Affinity Designer Brushes

Welcome to this Affinity Designer tutorial, in which you’ll learn everything you need to know about Affinity Designer brushes, from how to create and install brushes to how to use Photoshop and Illustrator brushes in Affinity Designer. You’ll also learn where you can find Affinity Designer halftone brushes and other valuable design resources.

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