Oct 19 2018

How to use the crop the tool within illustrator


Hello, and welcome to Creative Nerds. In this Illustrator tutorial we will be sharing with you how you can crop images using Illustrator via the hidden away illustrator crop tool. Tutorial Details: Program: Photoshop Time estimati...

Sep 20 2018

How to use the spell checker within Indesign


Hello, and welcome to Creative Nerds. In this InDesign tutorial, we’ll be sharing with you one of the hidden-away InDesign tools, which is the spell checker, which not a lot of people are familiar with. So, we’ll show ...

Nov 28 2011

Comprehensive Guides For Mastering The Pen Tool


A great article which is a collection of comprehensive guides in order for mastering the the most difficult photoshop and illustrator tool. For a long time i struggled learning how to use the pen tool its such a difficult tool to ...