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Winners Of Creative Nerds Birthday Prizes

  • March 3rd, 2010
  • News

winnerss-birthday-prizes-2010 Just a quick update to announced the winners of our birthday giveaway which took place last week on Creative Nerds.

The winners email addresses will passed onto the sites who where kind enough to offer us some amazing giveaways who will then get in contact with you, i will passing on your details to them within the next 2 to 3 days. Thanks again to every one who entered.

These are the prizes for the following winners:

Prize: Grafpedia VIP membership Access to Over 70000 Design Items Giveaway

  • Winner: Meira

Prize: Blog.SpoonGraphics Access All Areas Membership Giveaway

  • Winner:Rommel Miraflores
  • Winner: Jami
  • Winner:Steve Robillard

Prize: 10 Free $50 Gift Vouchers From Stock Graphic Designs

  • Winner: Carlos
  • Winner: Sergei Tatarinov
  • Winner: Luis
  • Winner: Scott Schlee
  • Winner: Ken Kinds
  • Winner: Carrie Toreno
  • Winner: Anthony
  • Winner: Jolis
  • Winner: Federico
  • Winner: Crista

Prize: Press 75 Premium WordPress Theme Giverway

  • Winner: Stanley

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9 thoughts on “Winners Of Creative Nerds Birthday Prizes

  1. Yay! It’s exciting to see my name over there! I admit that I found out about this site through this giveaway, but you’ve got yourself one more feed subscriber after seeing the awesome articles I’ve been missing all along! And to paraphrase Jami above: from a creative nerd wannabee to a real creative nerd, I say “Thank you very much!”

  2. wooohooo my first giveaway prize ever :)
    Thank you mates!! This is so great! Keep up the work you do, CN rule!

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