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Grafpedia VIP membership Access to Over 70000 Design Items Giveaway

  • February 23rd, 2010
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Welcome to day 2 of Creative Nerds huge 1st birthday giveaway today we will  be giving away a Grafpedia VIP account, you have access to all the resources on the site: Photoshop gradients, layer styles, brushes, swatches, tutorial sample files, stock photos, textures, vector icons and EPS files, all you need to do is leave a comment to have a chance of winning.


1 Year Grafpedia VIP membership which gives you access to 70000 Items for designers

Here’s some of the premium file previews from the VIP membership

256-patterns 200-stock-images 1000-adobe-illustrator-swatches 65-photoshop-actions 29400-photoshop-gradients 1126-hi-res-photoshop-brushes 410-vector-icons 31540-photoshop-layer-styles

How To Enter

Write a short comment why you want the Grafpedia VIP account, please don’t enter the competition more than once.

There will be three winners each winner will be decide through a random number generator also each winner will be contacted through E-mail who has won, so be sure to leave a valid email address. The winners be will Announced within this post.

Winner Will Be Notified On The 3-March-2010 And The Competition  Ends on the 2-March-2010

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95 thoughts on “Grafpedia VIP membership Access to Over 70000 Design Items Giveaway

  1. hiiii very nice blog!, ima creative and iintegral designer, and i always found usefull thing in here.

    Long Live To Creativenerds!!!


  2. Thanks for the giveaway, i like to win, as a student/designer, this will really help in my designs and projects, and above all – i cant buy one year subscription product its expensive for me.

  3. i would like to win this, since i’m now trying to make a living as a web designer…i’ve always been fascinated by the web and now that i’ve learn so much i keep wanting more and more information on anything web design heres hoping i win..good luck to everyone..

  4. I want all those to help me with designs, i’m a freelancer and i´m begining in all these, also i think these could make me a better designer….oh my god my english sucks, do you have “how to write correctly in english?” tutorials too? :P

  5. I would love to win this prize to help keep costs down as I build up my freelance web development/design business. Thank you!

  6. Hi there. I am familiar to Grafpedia and am amazed by how many cheezy and well crafted products they offer. Unfortunatelly I have no possibility to buy anything and, as a matter of fact, I’ve never won a giveaway.. Maybe this time fortune’s on my side? Thanks for sharing.


  7. What designer wouldn’t love access to a resource like this? I know I would! Not only do resources like this help you to save time when designing, they are also a great learning tool.

  8. I’m graduating in May from UGA with a degree in Advertising and I want to be a graphic designer so these tools and a year subscription like this would be amazing to help me succeed in the industry! Would be amazing and great to have the access to over 70,000 design items.

  9. This is a set I would love to add to my library. I can mention many reasons why I want them or why I need them, but the bottom line is that everyone wants to win!!!

  10. WOW – i need this! i’m just starting out as a freelancer and could use this a ridiculous amount – not only would it save me tonnes of time whilst designing, im sure it’ll teach me a few tricks at the same time – please lemme win! lol

  11. Winning all this would give me the best start I could wish as I am about to enter the professional world of graphic design. It looks truly amazing.

  12. Are you kidding? The VIP account at Grafpedia would be a designer’s dream!With all the resources available to the winner, anyone’s creativity would surely be pushed to the limits, not to mention that it’ll be a great tool for future projects. Count me in! :D

  13. The Vip account is one of the things that helps to our work bee much profesional and i thanks for the opportunity

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