Check Out Creative Nerds On Pintrest Perfect Place For Great Inspiration


We truly have fallen in love with Pinterest, the concept for the site is so simple yet it works so well. Its the perfect place to save your favourite designs, or pictures to drawback on to fuel your creativity, when working on design projects. Theirs no better way to kick start your day by looking at great designs.

Creative Nerds are on Pintrest we would love for you to check out our Pintrest profile we have some great inspiration on their.


Some of the designs currently featured on Our Interest Profile

every-thing-is-going-alright-quote  lime tatto-infograph the-lost-ar match superheroposter



Check Out Creative Nerds Pinterest Profile



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  • Designrshub | Design Magazine

    I followed you there. My name on pinterest is Manuel Garcia. Good Luck.

  • Sü Smith

    Heyyy – cool!! I’m glad that some folks in the design community are jumping on board with pinterest! Followed. ♥

    It would be so cool to start seeing pinterest icons in the new and upcoming icon sets! They have been a pretty rare commodity.

  • Debbie

    I’m following you on pinterest as well!! would love to be able to re-pin some of your designs – with credits of course !:)

    • TimothyBlake

      @Debbie – Hey thanks for following us, whats your profile Debbie would love to check it out.

  • Wandelstokje

    I’ll follow you. I love those Photoshop tutorials and all kinds of art and design. I collect those too on Pinterest. If you are interested you can follow me too at

  • Shamim cpz

    Wonderful tutorial..Thanks for sharing.