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Best Of Web And Design In May 2014

  • June 2nd, 2014
  • News

The best of the web for may features a great collection of design tutorials for mastering some great new techniques with the help of Photoshop and illustrator. The round-up also includes some must read web and design articles. A great way to catch up on some of the best blog posts published through out may.

Illustrator Tutorials

Create a Sweet Honeycomb Pattern in Adobe Illustratorhoney-comb

A simple beautiful illustrator tutorial a honeycomb seamless vector pattern.

3D Style Retro Text Effect Tutorial3d-type

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create dimensional text inspired by vintage packaging designs and logotypes. Pour a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s create some text with the help of Illustrator effects, the Blend Tool, and textures fit for the branding of a coffee house.

Game of Thrones Inspired Line Art Logos in Illustratorgame-of-thrownes

This Illustrator tutorial will to share the process of creating this abstract illustration style to help you create geometric line art of your own.

How to Create a Spring Floral Pattern in Adobe Illustratorfloral-pattern

Another great tutorial on how you can use illustrator to create beautiful floral pattern.

Photoshop Tutorials

How to Create a Stylish Black and Gold 3D Text Effect in Photoshopstay-cool

Adobe Photoshop’s vector and 3D capabilities are a powerful combination, and can be used to create some fun and amazing 3D effects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stylish black and gold 3D text effect using vector shapes, 3D meshes and materials.

How to Clean up Your Photo Backgrounds in Photoshopclean-photo-backgrounds

In retouching you see this quite frequently, whether you’re using seamless paper, vinyl, a fabric hanging or a purpose built infinity cove, it’s going to get dirty. You have a couple of options, one is to check out some reviews on Amazon for handheld vacuum cleaners and have your assistant scoot around with it between shots.

Create Leafy Face Photo Manipulation in Photoshopleafy-face

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this “Leafy Face” manipulation in Photoshop. We will go through techniques such as layer blending, layer masks, filter effects, and the use of adjustment layers.

How to Create a Smeared Ketchup Text Effect in Adobe Photoshopketch-up-text

In this tutorial, you will use a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a realistic-looking ketchup text effect. We will also show how to smear or smudge the ketchup effect in an optional step at the end.

Web and Design articles

All You Need to Know About SVG – Tutorials, Articles, Resourcessvg-graphics

These include tutorials, articles and other resources. With these resources, we aim to provide you all insightful information about SVG images and how they are created so that you can keep yourself up to date with the latest trend.

Bootstrap 3 Tips and Tricks You Might Not Knowbootstrap

Bootstrap 3 has a ton of features and helpers to speed up front-end development. Sometimes you need something and you end up writing your own custom CSS and JavaScript without even realizing that Bootstrap could have done it for you. That’s not necessarily a problem, but you end up spending extra time on your app or site when you didn’t need to.

10 Reasons Why You NEED to Launch Your Online Portfolio NOWportfolio

The world has gone digital and everything in it automatically follows. Jobs are no longer stereotyped to be activities where you have to sit on a boring chair all day. Nowadays, people can work anywhere they want, thanks to the Internet.

Sass Frameworks: Compass or Bourbon?css-framework

Once in a while, we see this question pop on Twitter, Reddit or StackOverflow. Pretty much anyone who has ever worked with Sass has at some point asked themselves which to choose: Compass or Bourbon?

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CSScoffie

CSS and JavaScript, believe it or not, are starting to overlap as CSS adds more functionality. When I wrote 5 Ways that CSS and JavaScript Interact That You May Not Know About, people were surprised at how CSS and JavaScript have come to overlap.  Today I will highlight seven tasks you can accomplish with CSS — no JavaScript or imagery required!

Things you didn’t know about GITgit

This post is not intended to be about basic git stuff, but stuff you probably didn’t know about or used just once or twice.

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8 thoughts on “Best Of Web And Design In May 2014

  1. creating a ketchup text effect requires both illustrator and photoshop, i was trying to make it without illustrator but could’nt now i know thankx for the infromation ,now i am able to make such ketchup text design for my website

  2. i tried alot to create leafy face like above but unable too it’s very difficult to design ,may be it is build by using many editing tools

    1. well i dont think it’s difficult , may be you are a beginner in design industry ,they use simply illustrator and photoshop to design it

  3. I think the seven things we didnt know we could do on CSS, is really helpful. Theres loads of things i didnt know how to do.

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