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Best Of Web And Design In March 2012

  • April 2nd, 2012
  • News


This months round up features a great collection of Photoshop and illustrator tutorials, some of the best tutorials I’ve seen so far this year. There’s also a great selection of articles and freebies. I hope you enjoy the round up. I would love to hear what your favourite posts are from the monthly compilation.



Photoshop Tutorials

Design a photorealistic app icon in Photoshopphoto-realistic-app-icon

In this tutorial, It will explain how to use light and shadow to make realistic artwork – in this case, a record player app icon. Using Photoshop’s powerful layer styles, I’ll show you how to produce impressive results in a short amount of time.

Create a Semi-Realistic MacBook Pro from Scratch


In the following Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a semi-realistic MacBook Pro from scratch. First, you will learn how to use the grid and the snap to grid for an easier workflow. We’ll start with some simple vector shapes and several warp techniques along with a bunch of basic tools. Next, we’ll add some color using the Layer Style properties. Finally, we’ll use Layer Masks, Clipping Masks and some discrete Noise to add the final touches for your illustration.

Quick Tip: Create a Royal Gold Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Stylesgold-red-text-effect-style 

In this quick tutorial it will show you how to create a royal gold text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.

Hell Rider – Manipulation Tutorialhell-rider

Inspired by the trailer of Ghost Rider I tried to make something similar but not quite the same. In this tutorial you will learn how to work with fire stock images, how to create a dark background and how to make certain light effects. Enjoy


Illustrator Tutorials

3D Gift Box Tutorial in Illustrator3d-gift-box

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a 3D gift box in Adobe Illustrator using Extrude and Bevel effects, gradients and expand object elements.

Create a Retro Triangular Pattern Design in Illustratortriangle-pattern

Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create the popular retro style pattern design made up of lots of colourful squares and triangles. The process is pretty simple, making this a good tutorial for newcomers to Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using tools to accurately align our elements, then see how the Pathfinder can easily create custom shapes.

Create a Stylish Switch Button in Illustratorswitch

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a simple switch button in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll build the switch button using pixel perfect alignment, quality vector shape building techniques, and then color the work with Film Grain effect, Opacity Masks, and highlights.

Create Cute Characters in Illustratorcute-characters

Adobe Illustrator can be a little tricky to get your hands around, particularly after getting used to the workflow of applications like Photoshop. The differences between layer use and the creation of objects and shapes can be really strange at first hand.


Web And Design Articles

Is Your Website’s Navigation Perfect: Let’s Work On Itnavigation

The internet has changed the way we live, as websites have become part and parcel of our lives. From browsing for information to paying taxes and shopping for products and services, we tend to spend hours on the internet every day. But have you ever wondered what makes websites such powerful entities.

Designing Landing Pages That Workdesigning-landing-page

Having knowledge on how to create an effective landing page can increase the number of site visitors that take the desired action of the web page. Lets discuss factors and considerations that can lead to a better landing page design.

A Designer’s Introduction to the Command Linecommand-line-introduction-for-designers

The command line can be a scary thing to most designers. This is the first in a collection of quick tips, in which we’ll break down the barrier to the command line and show you how to use it to speed up your workflow.

10 Thrills We Newbies Experience That the Top Earners Have Forgotten10-thrills

I know we all want to be like Darren, sipping Margaritas on the beaches of Australia and occasionally opening his laptop to see how much money his guest bloggers made for him today, while beautiful women clean his glasses with $100 bills.



Black & White 3D Social Iconsblack-and-white-icons

Who doesn’t like freebies? Well, today we are providing you with additional ammunition for your design arsenal. It’s a set of Black and White 3D social icons. This set of black and white 3D social icons is produced by the designer – Neil Sagitov at Lokas Software.

A Clean Mini Social Media Icon Setmini-icons

Recently I’ve really been passionate about creating mini icons sets. This is a great collection of clean icons from 12 of the most popular social media websites, which can be used within your design projects. The icon set size is 32 pixels by 32 pixels small but  great icons.

4 Free PSD Ribbon Templatesribbon

Absolutely irresistible ribbon templates designed in fresh, clean style. Sometimes even a small ribbon could strongly change the whole feel and look of your design project. And these high quality ribbons are more likely to improve your web and print artworks. The best part is that you can use these super cool ribbon templates both for personal and commercial needs. Be sure that you will not experience any difficulties when you start editing the ribbon templates. So do not hesitate anymore and download the PSD ribbons now!

Web Icons Vector by vectorvaco.comweb-icons

Web Icons Vector by All vectors on are free to use for both commercial and personal projects.

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5 thoughts on “Best Of Web And Design In March 2012

  1. Thought this was a great article and it will be very useful to me in the future. There is a great variety of different resources and I like how they span different areas of design. There is something here for everyone and gives me a great starting platform to look deeper into the areas you have posted for other things like tutorials and freebies. Great article and I look forward to the next article like this from yourself.

  2. I found the landing page post particularly useful. It is beautifully designed, has the required content but seems highly effective at its purpose which is to get sign ups! Great find.

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