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Best of the web for Design and Web Development October 2018

  • November 1st, 2018
  • News

That time of the month where we roundup highlights from the online web and design community. October’s edition of the web roundup we have showcased the best design tutorials written throughout October for Photoshop and illustrator. There’s a range of tutorials from how to create a unique Halloween pattern using illustrator to creating a stacked 3D text effect. There’s also some great articles worth reading through such as news from the adobe max conference and the CSS new border radius feature.

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Wam! Pow! Wow Your Audience with a Pop Art Vector!

To create this pop art vector effect, we’re going to be using custom patterns and experimenting with different color combinations to achieve a truly pop art effect for our avatar. Lastly we are going to learn how to keep a pop art style consistent in your avatar no matter the image size.


How to create a carpet pattern

In Adobe Illustrator using some “old-school” techniques, which involve the careful handling of the Rectangle Tool combined with the power of the Pixel Grid.


How to Make a Fun and Cute Halloween Pattern Vector!

It’s almost Halloween, and to celebrate we’re gonna cook up a fantastically spooky and quite cute Halloween pattern vector made from basic shapes.


How to Create a Pack of Android Launcher Icons in Adobe Illustrator

In the tutorial you’re going to make some little changes to our regular program, and tackle a subject that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. If you haven’t figured it out from the title, well, you’re going to create five simple icons that you could turn into Android launcher icons for any future apps that you might create or be involved in creating.



How To Create a Stack of 3D Characters in Adobe Photoshop

One of my Spoon Graphics readers recently sent me an email with a great tutorial suggestion based on one of the promo graphics of the free font named Manrope. The cited artwork featured a collection of letters as long three dimensional shapes of varying heights, densely packed together in the scene. Clearly some kind of 3D modelling software was used to produce the original concept, but I experimented with Photoshop’s built-in 3D tools to see if a similar effect could be made. Follow along with today’s tutorial to learn how to use Photoshop’s 3D capabilities to create the effect yourself.


Photoshop tutorial: Create artwork with both real and digital brushstrokes

In this tutorial, Adi Gilbert explains how he produces beautifully-crafted illustrations using a blend of traditional brushwork, and digital techniques with a tablet, stylus and Photoshop.


How to Create a Cheese Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to create a cheese text effect using Photoshop’s layer styles, filters, and brushes.


How to Create a Rose and Spider Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a fantasy rose woman portrait. You’ll learn how to build the background with cobwebs, rose branches, and spiders. We’ll also retouch the model and decorate her with a rose headpiece, sepal dress, and sparkling cobwebs. We’ll use several adjustment layers to complete the final effect.



Web and design articles

Start Performance Budgeting

If you’re building a web experience and want to stay fast, a performance budget can be critical. For success, embrace performance budgets and learn to live within them. Network & CPU limits on mobile can require asking hard questions like, “what is really important to my users?”.


When you use eight values specifying border-radius in CSS, you can create organic looking shapes. WOW. No time to read it all ?— we made a visual tool for you.

Styling the Gutenberg Columns Block

WordPress 5.0 is quickly approaching, and the new Gutenberg editor is coming with it. There’s been a lot of discussion in the WordPress community over what exactly that means for users, designers, and developers. And while Gutenberg is sure to improve the writing experience, it can cause a bit of a headache for developers who now need to ensure their plugins and themes are updated and compatible.

How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger

When I started my journey to become a software developer, I definitely ran into my fair share of bumps in the road. One of the most common struggles that most new developers face is debugging. At first, I thought I discovered the holy grail when I realized that I could open the console in chrome and console.log() out my values to discover where my bugs were. This turned out to be highly inefficient. For the sake of humor, here are a couple of my favorite use cases:

Adobe MAX 2018: News, launches and all the action from the creative conference

All the news as it’s announced – including some game-changing updates to your favourite apps.




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