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Best of the web for Design and Web Development May 2021

  • May 31st, 2021
  • News

Time is flying by another month has concluded. This post if your new to the series is our monthly roundup where we showcase all the best tutorials and web & design articles created through out the month.

The roundup includes a great compilation of Photoshop and illustrator tutorials from how to create a distressed text effect to gold statue photo effect. There’s also some great article to bookmark and read through from new Bootstrap 5 to web accessibility for newbies. Another jampacked monthly round up with some great posts included.

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How to Create Magnificent Evening Landscape in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create magnificent evening landscape in Photoshop, with elements of abstraction and incredible color toning. We will work a lot with blending modes because the basis of our picture is mixing and double exposure.

How to Add a Glow Effect in Photoshop

You will be learning how to do a glow effect in Photoshop! Whether it’s edgy cyberpunk or high fantasy, you can never go wrong with a vivid neon glow! Today, I will be teaching you how to create the perfect neon glow using just a handful of layer styles and layer modes. Learning how to do a glow effect has never been easier!

How to Create a Distressed Letterpress Print Effect in Photoshop

How to add grungy, distressed, ink stamped effects to your type, logos, or illustrations. The effect resembles the letterpress printing style, or any other impact print method, like a rubber stamp, or an old typewriter.

How to Create “Sekiro” Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” game inspired style rusty text effect in Photoshop. I made the rusty text first and added some elements of my own afterwards.

How to Make a Gold Statue in Photoshop

You will be learning how to make a gold statue in Photoshop using gradient maps and some lesser-known Photoshop image effects! We will be adding extra shine, as well as a color grade that will turn our image icy blue to complement the golden orange tones of our model. 

Web and Design articles

Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 5 has officially landed! After three alphas, three betas, and several months of hard work, we’re shipping the first stable release of our new major version. It’s been a wild ride made possible by our maintainers and the amazing community that uses and contributes to Bootstrap. Thanks to all who have helped us get here!

A Look at Tailwind CSS

This year, I saw a lot of hype about the popular CSS framework, TailwindCSS. I thought that I would share some thoughts and concerns regarding this UI framework.

UI vs UX Design: Which career is for you? (2021)

UI design and UX design are two of the most common design disciplines you’ll see (along with the hybrid UI/UX design). But when it comes to UX vs UI design, what’s the difference between the two? How does the role of a UX designer differ from a UI designer, and where do they overlap? And finally, how do they both contribute to the overall success of a digital product?

Optimizing Web Vitals using Lighthouse

Finding opportunities to improve user-experience with Chrome’s web tooling.

Web Accessibility for Newbies

Introductory information and advice on how to think about and approach web accessibility

How to Back Up a WordPress Site Easily (4 Methods)

Backing up your website isn’t something to overlook. Having a backup of your WordPress site can save a lot of headaches in many situations. For example, if you run into an error that breaks your site or an update affects its functionality, you’ll be able to roll back the saved version.

Ditch your roadmap for a product landscape

Going beyond roadmaps with internal teams.

How to set browser flags in Chromium

For some of the new APIs we introduce in Chromium, you need to set a browser flag for experimentation. This article explains how to do this in the various Chromium derivatives like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others.

5 Biggest Non-Design Skills Designers Need in the 2020s

Being a great designer isn’t the only skill you need to grow your career over the next decade. Here, we take a look at the top five skills you need to cultivate to be successful in the 2020s.

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