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Best of the web for Design and Web Development May 2018

  • May 31st, 2018
  • News

This has been an exciting month jam packed with the latest and best Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials published through out May 2018. The post also includes a great article about Adobe XD, as Adobe have announced they will be making the popular design application completely free. There’s also a great article included about the new CSS feature, which is a must read. Overall a great mixture of design tutorials, along with design and coding web articles.

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How To Create an Animal Fur Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you some simple steps to give your type the appearance of soft and fuzzy animal fur. The process makes use of a real animal fur texture, which in this example is that of a Leopard, but a variety of results can be achieved by using source photos of different furry animals. The fur photograph will take care of the realism in the centre of the text, but we’ll also use a custom Photoshop brush to apply the soft fur effect to the edges of the hard letter edges, followed by some finishing touches to enhance the appearance.wildcats

Photoshop tutorial: How to add texture to hand-drawn artworks

In this Photoshop tutorial, Dwayne Bell details how to enhance hand-drawn linework by digitally applying textures and patterns.


Photoshop tutorial: Add a fire effect to a photo

Create a Human Torch-style superhero – or fireball-throwing fantasy wizard – with these flaming brilliant Photoshop techniques.


How to Make Watercolor Effects in Photoshop Quickly With Actions

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an amazing watercolor effect. I will explain everything in so much detail that everyone can create it, even those who have just opened Photoshop for the first time.



How to Draw Yummy Jam Cookies in Adobe Illustrator

In this new tutorial you will learn how to draw two yummy jam filled cookies in Adobe Illustrator.



How to Create an Airplane Illustration with Adobe Illustrator

In this new tutorial you will learn how to draw two yummy jam filled cookies in Adobe Illustrator.




7 Steps to Create a Geometric Poster Design

Let’s have fun with pops of color in this text treatment tutorial! We’ll use simple shapes to transform text into a fantastic geometric poster vector design in seven steps flat!


Design a Flat Teacup Logotype in Adobe Illustrator

Follow this tutorial to create a trendy flat teacup logotype in Adobe Illustrator! We’ll be using and modifying basic geometric shapes, working with Align panel, Pathfinder functions and learning simple yet very useful tips and tricks.tea

Web and Design articles

These are the Biggest Headaches in WordPress for 2018: Survey & Results

WordPress has officially surpassed powering 30% of the Internet, dominating all other content management systems available to webmasters. With growth trends continuing on a steady incline year-on-year more of the top 10 million websites online are using WordPress than ever before.


Responsive tables, revisited

Many people have explored responsive tables. The usual idea is turning the table into key-value pairs so that cells become rows and there are only 2 columns total, which fit in any screen. However, this means table headers need to now be repeated for every row.


Do email marketers and designers still need to inline CSS?

Email clients—the tools subscribers use to look at your email campaigns, like Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail—can be a troubling breed of applications. Due to how email clients process your HTML and CSS, many email marketers run into issues with how their emails are displayed.



In a step clearly intended to maintain dominance in an increasingly competitive market, Adobe have announced that XD CC (eXperience Design) is being released to the community as a free application.


Which accessibility testing tool should you use?

In preparation for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the Pulsar team has been on an accessibility kick recently, doing various things to improve the accessibility of the Pulsar design system and the software it serves.evaluate

New CSS Features That Are Changing Web Design

Zell is a developer from Singapore. He teaches frontend development through his blog. He has also written courses Learn JavaScript and like Automate Your …More about Zell…newcss

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