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Best of the web for Design and Web Development March 2022

  • March 31st, 2022
  • News

This is a great monthly round up which features some great Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials from how to create a metal text effect to a glitched stretched effect. There’s also some great web and design articles such as Demystifying E-Commerce Website Security to back end vs front end.

Design tutorials

Create a Simple, Elegant Textured Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Using textures often adds nice detailing to effects and gives depth to flat designs. In this metallic effect Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple metal text effect using layer styles. Then, I’ll show you how to make that text look more interesting by adding a simple texture overlay. 

How to make a repeated outline image in Adobe Photoshop.

Add pop art inspiration to your images.

How to Design a Cyberpunk 2077 Logo (+ Logo Inspiration)

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create the Cyberpunk 2077 logo using fonts and patterns from Envato Elements.

Photoshop Tutorial: ‘Pixel Sorting’ Stretched Pixel Glitch Art Effect

Authentic pixel sorting is a type of glitch art that is usually generated by computer code, but we’ll be replicating the appearance with Photoshop’s built-in filters. If you search for pixel sorting artwork on sites such as Pinterest you’ll see some great examples of this art style where the effect is combined with photographs, usually with these extended pixels creating a melting or drooping appearance, or totally replacing a subject’s entire face to create a surreal image. That’s exactly what we’ll be producing in this tutorial, an abstract art piece that features a hooded figure with long glitchy pixels that extend vertically from his face.

How to Create a 70s Background in Illustrator

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create two different types of retro 70s backgrounds.

Web and Design articles

Backend vs Frontend: How Are They Different?

Web development has its own terminology, job types, tools, and skills like any industry. In web development, backend vs frontend is discussed quite often. What do they mean? Is there any overlap? Can you use them interchangeably?

How To Fix The WordPress HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (Easy)

WordPress website errors can be annoying to deal with. There’s never a one-stop solution for these problems, and a vast range of causes, from themes and plugins, causing compatibility issues, to out-of-date software and even web hosting problems.

How To Create An Information Architecture That Is Easy To Use

If users cannot find the answers to their questions or are not exposed to critical messaging, they will not act, and your website will fail. To prevent that from happening, you need an effective information architecture. In this article, Paul Boag provides you with a process to ensure you have precisely that.

Demystifying E-Commerce Website Security

Having an E-Commerce website can have its fair share of risks these days.


If you want to know how well-dressed someone is, look at their shoes. Shoes tell you a lot about a person’s style, activities, and choices. We often choose clothes to deceive people about who we are — we want to be brighter, more successful, more relaxed, more adventurous than we actually are. But, our shoes paint an honest picture and offer endless insights into who the wearer is.

How to Prep Your SEO Strategy for a New Website

From web development to branding and design, there are plenty of moving parts when launching a new website, but your SEO strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought.

The Complete Guide to Installing WP-CLI

The WordPress command line interface (WP-CLI) is a powerful WordPress-developer focused tool. Here at Delicious Brains we use it to help us write tests, manage changes to our site databases, and we even have WP-CLI support in WP Migrate DB Pro. Last but not least, SpinupWP, our cloud based server control panel for WordPress, makes heavy use of WP-CLI to manage WordPress sites, so it is an incredibly important tool for us.

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