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Best of the web for Design and Web Development March 2018

  • March 29th, 2018
  • News

The end of March has come to an end in our usual fashion. Where rounding up the very best Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials from March, alongside web and design articles from new trends you should certainly be aware of. This is another great monthly round up certainly a must read post packed with some great posts.

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Dripping Glossy Text Effect in Photoshop

The vector Illustrator artwork is quite flat, whereas you can achieve much more realism with gradients and filters in Photoshop. The effect we’ll be producing in this tutorial is a glossy text effect made out of some kind of gooey yellow substance!


How to Create a Trippy, Lenticular 3D Text Effect Illusion in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s 3D tools and settings to create a trippy, lenticular text effect pretty easily.


Create Amazing Lightning Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn the process of creating this great looking Lightning Text Effect in Photoshop. We will use a simple rust stock image and use it to texture our text, and add lighting/electrified effect around the text. Have a try!


Create a 1980s look with photos and vectors

Add a dynamic retro twist to photos with gradients, Layer Styles, drop shadows, glows and more.



Ñam Ñam! Make a Delicious Taco Icon in 10 Simple Steps!

The vector Illustrator artwork is quite flat, whereas you can achieve much more realism with gradients and filters in Photoshop. The effect we’ll be producing in this tutorial is a glossy text effect made out of some kind of gooey yellow substance!


How to Draw a Spider Cartoon Character in Adobe Illustrator

You will create this spider in vector form using basic shapes and a few simple manipulation techniques along with a custom blend brush that will help us to add details. At the end, we’ll give this character a cute face and complete the illustration. This little guy will be quite cute so let’s start the fun!spider

How to Create a Portrait With One Colour in Adobe Illustrator

How to create a portrait by following a stock image, using only one colour. So the final image above may seem like click bait, and you’d be right in saying that’s more than one colour… but the portrait itself is entirely one colour.


How to Draw Heart-Shaped Daisies in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool and Warp Effects in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful pair of heart-shaped daisies!flowers

Web and Design articles

8 Common Website Mistakes Revealed Via Content Audits

One of the advantages of working for an agency is the volume of websites we get to evaluate. The majority of clients who sign up for ongoing SEO and/or content services will receive a content audit. Similar to a technical SEO audit, the results of the content audit should drive the strategies and priorities of the next stages of content work. Without the audit, you can’t create an effective strategy because you first need to know what types of content you’ve got, what content you’re missing, and what content you’ve got too much of.


Trends are often determined to be a reaction to a previous style. Whether that’s swaying from maximalism to minimalism, or colorful to monochrome, trends by their very nature focus on short termism rather than the larger picture. They also tend to be cyclical, meaning across design industries, a trend is likely to come back around at some point, in some form.

Creatives Are Overworked

That’s the key takeaway from a new survey by the nonprofit professional organization InSource and the software company inMotionNow. The survey queried 400 in-house creative workers–including marketers, creatives, and assorted managers–and found that the speed at which creative teams are expected to work and the volume of demand for their work were respondents’ No. 1 and No. 2 concerns, respectively.

How Email Spam Tests Work and What You Can Do to Pass Them

We’ve talked a lot about testing your email’s design, but it’s also important to run spam tests to check your email’s deliverability potential. In other words: Will your email make it into your subscribers’ inboxes? Or, will spam filters flag your message and send it straight to a spam folder?


Continuous Development Without Hitting Ctrl + R with webpack 4

A while ago, when building a lot of front end applications, once a chan ge is made, the browser needs to be reloaded every time. At that time, this didn’t seem like a problem at all. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of inventions. How about we not having to manually reload our browser when we make changes to our applications? In comes webpack!!!!.

Developers love to automate things—for every process between development and production, they are keen to have a script that makes their workflow easier. This is also the case with deployment.

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