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Best of the web for Design and Web Development June 2021

  • June 28th, 2021
  • News

With the 6th month of the year concluded we have rounded up the month in our usual fashion. By cherry picking the very best design tutorials and web articles published and written in the month of June.

There’s a great mixture of design tutorials in this post both photoshop and illustrator. The post features how to create unique text effects to photo effects in photoshop.

The post also includes some great web articles such as some must try VS code extensions to the importance of using semantic HTML, there’s some great articles included we recommend worth reading through and bookmarking.

The last segment is a podcast episodes we recommend listening to there’s 3 in total we have included in the post each are great listens.

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Design tutorials

Video Tutorial: Vivid Neon Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop

In the Photoshop tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating a vivid 80s style neon chrome text effect. This ultra rad style uses the most intense RGB colours available to create the brightest, most fluorescent effect possible that smoothly transitions through a variety of hues. We’ll use Photoshop layer styles to create the foundation of the effect, then add the vibrant colours with a combination of gradient tools. Some subtle texturing helps to add some intricate details to the chrome text surface, then the artwork is finished off with a complementary 80s inspired tiger stripe background.

How to Create a Storm Photo Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial you will be learning how to create a storm photo effect in Photoshop! We will be combining epic cloud effects and a quick and easy lightning effect in Photoshop to create a stormy atmosphere that can be used in both portrait and landscape photo manipulations. 

Create Silhouette Based Composition in Photoshop

Learn how to create a silhouette based composite in Photoshop without using camera and photography knowledge. You’ll learn how to use silhouette images, combining them, creating the silhouette using selection. You’ll be also brushing up your painting skills. 

Melting Liquid RGB Text Effect in Photoshop

Creating a melting liquid RGB text effect with somewhat of a retro 80s aesthetic with its vibrant colours and grainy texturing. This effect is ideal for creating poster art or an album cover design with a retro-futuristic style. We’ll use a couple of simple tools within Photoshop to create the effect, then finish off the piece with textures to enhance the retro vibe.

How to Make Dripping Text in Photoshop

How to make dripping text in Photoshop using a few simple techniques. Also, we’ll create different styles of bleeding letters.

Web and design articles

VS Code Extensions for HTML

Take a look at some extensions for VS Code that make writing and editing HTML (and languages that are basically HTML with extra powers) better. You may not like all of them. Maybe some of them don’t appeal to you, solve a problem you don’t have, or feel like more clutter than you need. That’s OK. These are just a handful that I’ve tried and liked to some degree.

Spinning Up Multiple WordPress Sites Locally With DevKinsta

When developing themes and plugins for WordPress, we need to test them in different environments. How can we create multiple testing sites on our computer, quickly and easily, without having to become a sysadmin?

Build more accessible Angular apps

During #GoogleIO2021, we released a new Angular codelab focused on accessibility. In this post we’ll walk through ten tools for building more accessible applications, then head to the codelab for hands-on practice exercising these skills.

The right tag for the job: why you should use semantic HTML

I’ve come across a lot of websites in my career (and in daily browsing) that are straight-up inaccessible. If you’ve ever worked on a project that is riddled with accessibility issues, you’ll know that fixing these problems is a mammoth task – it needs time, it needs people, it needs prioritisation… it costs money, basically. As I mentioned in my blog post 7 myths designers and developers believe about web accessibility, retrofitting accessibility is hard.

CSS for Web Vitals

The way you write your styles and build layouts can have a major impact on Core Web Vitals. 

Front-End Testing is For Everyone

Testing is one of those things that you either get super excited about or kinda close your eyes and walk away. Whichever camp you fall into, I’m here to tell you that front-end testing is for everyone. In fact, there are many types of tests and perhaps that is where some of the initial fear or confusion comes from.

How to Configure Google Analytics for Local Businesses

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. When used properly, it generates important information that can help to make valuable business decisions in online marketing or SEO efforts. 


Smashing Podcast Episode 39 With Addy Osmani: Image Optimization

In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about image optimization. What steps should we follow for performant images in 2021? We talk to expert Addy Osmani to find out.

400: Is Software Ever Finished?

This week, we try to answer a simple question: is software ever finished? In The Sidebar, we talk money: compounding, investing, negotiating, planning, and more.

CSS Container Queries, Layers, Scoping and More with Miriam Suzanne

In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Miriam Suzanne about all things CSS — container queries, layers, scoping, and more!

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