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Best of the web for Design and Web Development July 2023

  • July 31st, 2023
  • News

This is our monthly tradition where we look at the fresh new design tutorials and web articles published throughout the previous month. This month’s roundup includes a range of different design tutorials, from how to create a blurred text effect to how to recreate the Guardians of the Galaxy logo. The second half of the post includes some great web articles, from “How SEOs and UX Designers Can Work Better Together” to “Top 30 VS Code Extensions for an Enhanced Programming Experience.”

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Design tutorials

How to Change Color in Photoshop

You’ll be looking at how to change color in Photoshop with two easy-to-use tools. The Replace Color adjustment is fast and precise, while a Hue/Saturation adjustment is perfect for a more non-destructive approach. 

How to Easily Apply any Pattern to Clothes in Photoshop

In Photoshop there are many different ways to achieve this task – Some more realistic, complicated, and time consuming. Other methods are easy for you to quickly visualize how a particular pattern will look when applied. Today, I will show you how to easily apply any pattern to clothes in Photoshop in less than 5 minutes with the most difficult task being the cloth selection (which can be easily made with the quick selection tool). If you are a fashion or textile designer, or just someone who wants to experiment with patterns on clothing, this tutorial is perfect for you.

How to Create a Half-Blurred Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In this Illustrator text effect tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a half-blurred text effect using Gaussian blur and other cool techniques. 

Gradient Blur Glowing Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

This Photoshop glow effect has a cool retro vibe with its colourful gradient halos and blurry outlines, especially when combined with grainy textures to enhance the low-fi look. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make it in Photoshop and provide links to the free assets you need from my Spoon Graphics website.

How to Create the Guardians of the Galaxy Logo Text Effect

Interested in learning how to draw the Guardians of the Galaxy logo? Follow this tutorial and learn how to make it from scratch while learning many new techniques. You will definitely get inspired to create other unique logos and text effects in future projects.

Web and Design articles

What’s New in WordPress 6.3: A Revamped Site Editor, a New Command Palette, Style Revisions, New Blocks, and Much More!

WordPress 6.3 is the final major release of Phase 2 of the WordPress roadmap. During the second phase, development mainly focused on the Site Editor, increased its functionality, and improved interface and usability.

Top 30 VS Code Extensions for Enhanced Programming Experience

According to the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 74.48% of 71,010 participants said they used Visual Studio Code (VS Code)—this stat has steadily increased over the years. VS Code has become the go-to code editor for developers worldwide due to its versatility and extensive customization options.

How SEOs and UX Designers Can Work Better Together — Whiteboard Friday

The author’s views are entirely their own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

New Viewport Units

We have been using CSS viewport units since 2012. They are useful to help us in sizing elements based on the viewport width or height.

The case against self-closing tags in HTML

You’ll see this syntax on my blog because it’s what Prettier does, and I really like Prettier. However, I don’t think /> is a good thing.

How to Register a Domain Name in 2023 (Step by Step)

Whether you’re starting a new blog, setting up an ecommerce website, or creating a portfolio to showcase your work, securing a good domain name is an absolute must. Understanding how to register a domain name serves as an important first step toward establishing your online presence. In this post, we will guide you through the entire process, explain what a domain name is, and offer insight into the ways you can register your new domain.

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