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Best of the web for Design and Web Development August 2018

  • August 30th, 2018
  • News

This is one of our favourite blog posts we look forward to compiling each month. If your reading the monthly roundup for the very first time. This is a news post, which consist of fresh new photoshop and illustrator tutorials, as well the latest web and design articles published throughout the month.

The August edition contains some great design tutorials from how to design a retro text effect to producing a windmill illustration. The roundup includes also some web articles on CSS for creating the perfect system as well as help switching from HEX to RGB.

I hope you enjoy the post please do share and comment below.


How to Create a Retro, Colorful, Halftone Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s layer styles, filters, and actions, with a couple of adjustment layers and texture overlays, to create a bright, colourful, retro, halftone text effect.


Photoshop tutorial: How To Master The Curvature Pen Tool

In this Photoshop tutorial, Tigz Rice shows you how to use the new Curvature Pen tool from Photoshop CC 2018 – and how to get the most from it.


How To Create 80s Style Retrowave Art in Adobe Photoshop

Just like the Retrowave music genre, the aesthetics of the 1980s have inspired the popular art style that incorporates visual elements from 80s arcades, action movies, fashion and pop culture. Wireframe computer graphics, reflective chrome text, electric blues and hot pinks are just some of the themes associated with this nostalgic style. Follow along with this Adobe Photoshop tutorial to create your own retro artwork, featuring a surreal sci-fi scene with vivid colours.


Create Hair Text Effect In Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic hair and fur in Photoshop using some simple yet effective techniques. This can be used as animal hair or as human hair so it is a versatile effect. With the right color tones it can even be used as grass.



How To Create a Shaded Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Cursive type, whether a script font or hand-lettered, often features elegant swashes and overlapping strokes. One way artists emphasise the curvature of their type is to apply shading, which adds an illusion of depth to the lettering piece. In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to produce a shaded type effect in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll use a script font as the basis of our typography, then apply a series of gradients to give the impression that the letter strokes interweave and overlap.


How to Draw Gingerbread Cookie Icons in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create delicious gingerbread cookies in Adobe Illustrator.




10 Simple Steps to Make a Flat Windmill Vector in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, we’ll create a simple windmill vector in a trendy, flat style—all in just 10 steps! Learn about basic geometric shapes, strokes, the Free Transform Tool (E), and handy shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator.




How to Create a Gold Text Effect and Graphic Style in Illustrator

You’ll learn how to create a complex gold text effect which includes a reflection, dropping shadows, and highlights. These all can be created with the help of the most powerful tool available in Adobe Illustrator–the Appearance panel.




Web and Design articles

Creating the “Perfect” CSS System

A high level guide for designers and developers who write CSS, but want to be more strategic about building moderate to large scale CSS systems



On Switching from HEX & RGB to HSL

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about a feature that I didn’t know existed in VS Code: the visual color editor that pops up when you hover over color values in a style sheet.



UX And HTML5: Let’s Help Users Fill In Your Mobile Form (Part 1)

Do you test your forms on real users and real devices? If not, you should. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that can help you take your forms to the next level and help users fill them in.



10 Things You Will Eventually Learn About JavaScript Projects

JavaScript is an adventure. After almost a decade of both amateur and professional development in various industries, I believe everybody would agree on this one statement.


CSS Optimization Tools for Boosting PWA Performance

When styling websites or PWAs with CSS, you should analyze how CSS resources will affect performance. In this tutorial, we’ll use various tools and related techniques to help build a better PWA by focusing on CSS optimization. Specifically, we’ll remove the unused CSS, inline the critical path CSS, and minify the resulting code.





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