30 Smart Uses Of Gradients Within logo Design


A great article which is a collection of how gradients are smartly implemented within modern logo design. A great inspirational article featuring 30 high quality logo designs, which truly show how gradients can enhance the visual outcome of a logo. I hope you enjoy the article and i would love for you to share your favourite logo within a short comment.

1. Vivid Ways


2. Seistintas


3. Tapioca


4. Playground Barplayground-bar

5. Art Film


6. Tranton


7. Escola


8. Fast Top fast-top

9. Artfexia artfexia

10. Sparktailspark-tail

11. Delice delice

12. Glocalis glocalis

13. Autobeginnerauto-beginner

14. reklamefilmerreklamefilmer

15. Madcompassmadcompass

16. Evolutivaevolutia

17. Weezo weezo

18. Astro astro-lab

19. Origamaorigama

20. Vigraff


21. Um


22. Creative Studiocreative-studio

23. Bnnrncknnbn

24. Creative Studiocreative-studio

25. Glory Daysglory-days

26. Avorio Mediaavorio

27. Mocking Birdmockingbird

28. Alfa Stormalpha-storm

29. Learnsharplearnsharp

30. Enycom encyclym



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  • Carl

    I always try to stay away from gradients for logos. A good logo should have the ability to be faithfully reproduced in all mediums. Have you seen the results of a complex gradient embroidered? It’s not pretty.

    Of course, you can have different versions of the logo, but in this case, it’s not the more the merrier. IMHO.

  • e11world

    Creative studio is there twice #22 and #24

  • Fahrenheit Marketing

    Very cool.. I like the gradient used when masked behind the black (#22). Awesome examples you compiled. Thanks for the info

  • Biju Subhash

    nice collections and inspired…
    thank you for sharing… :D

  • joe

    These types of logos although good for inspiration aren’t really feasible in real life situations. Unless the logo will only ever be used on a web site, these types of 4 color logos are expensive to reproduce for printed materials like corporate stationery. True it can be done and often is, but let’s get real here. Not every company can afford to repeatedly produce 4 color stationery. I’d like to see a gallery of “real” logos. Those that work as one color, two color, etc. None of these logos would translate well to a one color version. It’s easy to come up with logos that don’t need to be practical. A true logo design will be able to adapt to any situation or use. None of these would.

  • Raquel

    ^ True Story

  • Sonny L

    I think that if designed and used well gradients especially those that are subtle can look great in logos. It’s true that a logo should be able to stand out on it’s own and be adaptable in any situation – but am sure the above logos have variations for uses in one colour etc in their respective style guides

  • Shamim cpz

    Very interesting, easy and useful for everyone. Thanks for