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30 Horrific Commercial Photoshop Disasters


Here’s a collection of horrific commercial Photoshop disasters made by professional graphic designers, who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photos.

What’s the best way to become a better designer ? learning from your mistakes and other people mistakes. Being careless and not paying attention to detail can have a big impact on your work as designer and can potential ruin your relationships with clients and also potential clients who are considering hiring you for a project.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your personal favourite Photoshop disasters and other Photoshop disasters which are not within the list.

Check out  more disasters over at Photoshop Disasters.

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1. Garnier: On The Shoulders Of Midgets


2. Torchwood: Retractable Thumbstorchwood

3. Pepsi: Challengedpepsi

4. Lexar: 8GB lexa-pro

5. Azoogle: This Was Really Well Thought Out In Every Way


6. Braking The Cycle: We Broke The Cyclephotoshop-disater-bike

7. Wat! computer-desk

8. Unwigged & Unplugged: Cannot Undo two-hands

9. Paris-Match: Jambe-Packedparis-match

10. StarGate: Dodgy Vertical Holdstargate

11. Ladyhandslady-hands

12. America Teamamerica-team

13. No fingers On The Triggerstreet-hear

14. Basic Head Swapphotshop-bad-movie-reflection

15. Castles In The AirCastles-In-The-Air

16. Red Bull: Gives You Nightmares photoshop-disater-smiley-face

17. J C Penney: Jaw-droppingjaw-dropping

18. INFDaily: Photo Editor’s Pants On Firebeyone-photshop-disater

19. Playboy: Clone Tool Beats Belly Button no-belly-button

20.Fanta: You Really Don’t Wantaphotoshop-disater-fanta-advert 21.Tuttosport: Insert Severed Hand Joke Here football-match-photoshop-disater 22.Cheese Heads: Finger Deforming Good!big-finger


24.GTA4: How Many Fingers?gta

25.Highlandhigh-land 26.Diario Sportivo AS: I Wasn’t Expecting The Spanish Inquisitionfootball-crowd

27.Towson: The Haunted Collegehaughted-college 28.Rigged Outfitters: Unbelievable Printingprinting

29.London Lite: Ain’t Gonna Go To Retouchlondon-lite

30.Kids Toyskids-toys

Thanks To Photoshop Disasters

A special thanks to Photoshop Disasters who provide the use of these images for our post.

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124 thoughts on “30 Horrific Commercial Photoshop Disasters

  1. I don’t get the first one either? The cherries look like cherries to me, and I cannot find any midgets in the photo… :) Please explain.

  2. The trouble with #3 (Pepsi) is that the 3D of the reflected can is wrong. The reflection should look as though each can is stacked on top of its reflection, with the curve of the bottom of the can matching the curve of the top of the reflected can.

    On the #1 (cherries), the issue isn’t the cherries at all; it’s how unnaturally close the woman’s arms are together. (The circling of the cherries makes that confusing.)

  3. as someone who works with photoshop at a semi-professional level (?) I can understand how these mistakes happen. You are working with many layers and an important detail (like a bellybutton, hand, exc.) might be on its own layer and you accidentally move, hide or delete the layer and then save the file and don’t double check.

    Very, very funny though

  4. #27 is not a reflection of the computer user, the computer user is watching a video about Towson that has a girl in it wearing a Towson shirt. If that were an actual reflection, because of the the angle of the view, the screen wouldn’t reflect back to the person directly infront of the computer anyway. it would be someone off to the side. This one is completely not messed up.

    To the defender of the lollypop…yes the thumb is underneath….underneath 5 fingers.

  5. For #23, couldn’t it just be that the lady was wearing a t-shirt under her sweater rather than a photo-shop error? It seems unlikely that they would erase a belly-button and switch out the actress.

  6. I don’t think some of these are all that bad. I do some Photoshop work and I’m always struggling to “not” make things perfect. I strive to get things good enough and leave it at that. It’s a balancing act between what is acceptable and what isn’t. A few above I think aren’t acceptable, but some are fine. I don’t think the person doing them didn’t realize they weren’t perfect, instead they just thought it was good enough and in a few of the cases above I agree.

  7. I work with Photoshop too.

    The worst mistake I ever made was for a web ad for a German crime movie.

    In German, you say “Hände hoch oder ich schieße”, that could be freely translated as “Put your hands up in the air or I’ll shoot”.

    Well, the German verb “schießen” = “to shoot” is kinda similar to “scheißen” = “to shit”. Well, you can guess what happend. Next day, in big fat letters on about 100+ webpages it said, “…or I’ll shit”.

    The ad was removed within 2 hours, and the movie people never had me do a job.

    I myself don’t know how I could overlook such a big mistake… XD

  8. Some of those are hilarious and so ameteur – it makes you wonder how on earth some people are able to get stuff like this through any sort of quality control. Great post!

  9. I want to say that I”m shocked and awed by these errors, but honestly I”m not surprised by these types of oversights. Its end results of what happens when the design community is devalued by things like spec work, marketing supervisors managing designers without a senior level designer as a buffer, and of course sacrificing quality to get things done NOW.

    People need to really go back to the standards and professionalism that shows that you value your brand.

  10. Regarding the first comment about “photo’s” being wrong, and it should have been “photos”…

    On first glance I’d agree, but if you think about it, photo is short for photograph, so that might be why the put an apostrophe in, to signify that some letters were missing, like you do with “can’t” for “can not”.

    That said, I agree, it looks retarded! ;-)

  11. Great post I know the feeling when you just want to get the editing done and get a bit careless but have never airbrushed a belly button out! You’d think the clients would pick up on some of them.

  12. I am not a designer and only found these because I am looking at getting a new logo done. Some of them I had to look at for a while (so I guess most non-skilled people like me would not have noticed), but once you see them they really stand out!

  13. Agreed with the person who said “photo’s” is correct. Photo’s is a contraction of “photographs”, so the apostrophe signifies missing letters.

    As you ought to say ‘phone instead of telephone.

  14. “…who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photo’s.”

    No apostrophe in “photos”, dear. Details, irony, etc. :)

    Love the post, though!

    The word Photo’s surely can be used. The apostrophe is to show omission, in this case graph…..what do you think people?

  15. did anyone notice that check was for five hunderd thousand and not hundred
    I know it is not a photoshop error… but is is wrong

  16. #5 shadow doesn’t contain shadow of cheque

    Too bad “hundred” wasn’t spelled right either! Would you trust these people to pay you?

  17. Wow … how can those errors possibly be overlooked? They are so obvious, except if the designers went blind by the end. Great post :) Thanks for sharing it.

  18. the one of the as was made because on the original photo was an advertisement of another sports newspaper from spain. but… it was better to erase the ad than make what they made =D

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