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30 Horrific Commercial Photoshop Disasters


Here’s a collection of horrific commercial Photoshop disasters made by professional graphic designers, who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photos.

What’s the best way to become a better designer ? learning from your mistakes and other people mistakes. Being careless and not paying attention to detail can have a big impact on your work as designer and can potential ruin your relationships with clients and also potential clients who are considering hiring you for a project.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your personal favourite Photoshop disasters and other Photoshop disasters which are not within the list.

Check out  more disasters over at Photoshop Disasters.

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1. Garnier: On The Shoulders Of Midgets


2. Torchwood: Retractable Thumbstorchwood

3. Pepsi: Challengedpepsi

4. Lexar: 8GB lexa-pro

5. Azoogle: This Was Really Well Thought Out In Every Way


6. Braking The Cycle: We Broke The Cyclephotoshop-disater-bike

7. Wat! computer-desk

8. Unwigged & Unplugged: Cannot Undo two-hands

9. Paris-Match: Jambe-Packedparis-match

10. StarGate: Dodgy Vertical Holdstargate

11. Ladyhandslady-hands

12. America Teamamerica-team

13. No fingers On The Triggerstreet-hear

14. Basic Head Swapphotshop-bad-movie-reflection

15. Castles In The AirCastles-In-The-Air

16. Red Bull: Gives You Nightmares photoshop-disater-smiley-face

17. J C Penney: Jaw-droppingjaw-dropping

18. INFDaily: Photo Editor’s Pants On Firebeyone-photshop-disater

19. Playboy: Clone Tool Beats Belly Button no-belly-button

20.Fanta: You Really Don’t Wantaphotoshop-disater-fanta-advert 21.Tuttosport: Insert Severed Hand Joke Here football-match-photoshop-disater 22.Cheese Heads: Finger Deforming Good!big-finger


24.GTA4: How Many Fingers?gta

25.Highlandhigh-land 26.Diario Sportivo AS: I Wasn’t Expecting The Spanish Inquisitionfootball-crowd

27.Towson: The Haunted Collegehaughted-college 28.Rigged Outfitters: Unbelievable Printingprinting

29.London Lite: Ain’t Gonna Go To Retouchlondon-lite

30.Kids Toyskids-toys

Thanks To Photoshop Disasters

A special thanks to Photoshop Disasters who provide the use of these images for our post.

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124 thoughts on “30 Horrific Commercial Photoshop Disasters

  1. “…who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photo’s.”

    No apostrophe in “photos”, dear. Details, irony, etc. :)

    Love the post, though!

  2. just to mention that the redbull thing was on purpose, if i remember well… they were sponsoring a movie night and communicated with something about super happy people…

  3. Hahahahaaaa… What are they thinking. Some of these are supposed to have passed the scrutiny of many heads. Not one noticed it before letting it out… That’s what impresses me most with these kind of PS disasters!

  4. Excellent collection. Many of them really funny. I have that very same poster in full size (#25. Highland) and can you believe, I had never noticed that mistake. Shame on me!

    Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing

  5. Number 5 also has a big mistake with the shadow. Dude with outstretched hands holding nothing…

    Nice collection though, I love these kind of photoshop mistakes.

  6. Some of these are just painful to look at. The ‘Azoozle’ one nearly made me cry.

    On another note, great compilation of Photoshop fail! It gave me a much-needed laugh, not to mention the reassurance that no matter what happens, I will NEVER fail as hard in Photoshop as some of these people have…

  7. Failblog had #5 image alone and the they caught the shadow too. Pretty funny! I DO have to wonder though- that woman in #19 was so ridiculously skinny to begin with- why was her belly button missing? What needed to be airbrush lipo’d from that underweight figure? Yeesh.

  8. About the “Breaking the cycle” one.. It might be a poorly done photoshop, but the basic idea is that the bicycle tire is behind the flowers. Visually it’s correct, but artistically it needs more work.

  9. Having trouble seeing the problem with #3. The reflection is perfectly backwards, as it should be. As for #4, the only problem I see is that the reflection has a 4 instead of an 8.

  10. #7 I don’t think this was a mistake. More likely it was a designer having a bit of fun with his client. Although this sort of thing can backfire worse than stupid mistakes.

    #8 As mentioned above and in your original post, this was an intentional joke. Including it in this list of “disasters” makes you look a little foolish.

    #10 Not sure what’s wrong with her head, but the three actors on the right have creepy doppelgangers behind them!

    #12 The guy standing on the box in the back, his feet don’t seem to line up with his upper body too well.

    #15 Why is her right hand circled?

    #16 Disturbing? Yes. But obviously intentional. As with #8, I don’t think this qualifies as a disaster.

    # 27 Might this not be in camera and therefore not a photoshop? And it looks like YOU had to play with the levels a little to even get that woman’s face to show up. Shame, shame!

    #30 Granted, this looks a little silly to us adults, but it’s a child’s toy ad and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Obviously kids can’t shrink down to the size of their toys to begin with. It’s fantastical and meant to appeal to a child’s imagination. Again, the effect is intentional and not a mistake and therefore does not really qualify as a disaster.

  11. With no.3 The problem is with the shadows as they don’t meet with the objects in an earthly way. Specially the sides of the cans, they should meet with their shadows, but there is a gap.

  12. Re: #3 Pepsi

    The reflections of the Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Sierra Mist would not overlap that way (the reflection of the Pepsi can appears translucent when it really should have blocked the reflections of the other cans behind them).

  13. #24 is simply the perspective, her thumb is behind the other fingers, that is how you would hold a lollipop. I think some of these examples are simply perspective problems. However, the disappearing belly-buttons and the ghost hands are simply unforgivable! How could someone overlook that!

  14. @ Rob
    Think the point about #30 was the fact that the child is cut off from the belly button down!!
    #24 isn’t simply perspective, if you count fropm the bottom up you can see four fingers, then her index finger appears and the thumb is obviously out of sight.

    For me the best, or rather worst photoshop job I have ever seen is the posted for Tombstone, whoever is responsible should be shot. It looks bad, but if you’ve seen the film it’s ten times worse as you know how it should look!!

  15. @ Rob T. Firefly Umm.. NO. The girl in the reflection is somewhere behind the girl on the computer out of frame. I realized what the problem was. The name of the school on the woman’s shirt should be reversed if it was a reflection. All this means is that the photograph was flipped (a regular practice in advertising) in order to make the photograph flow better with the rest of the website. And I still argue that no one would have noticed this had someone with too much time on their hands gone in and adjusted the levels in order to make the person in the reflection visible. If you look at the original the reflection is nearly black. Also, look at how much brighter the grass is much brighter in the zoomed in shot than the original. Really, this is some of the worst nitpicking I have ever seen.

  16. @ Dougbowski
    His lower half is cut off because it’s supposed to look like he’s sitting in the bucket. I know there really isn’t enough room for him the rest of him in that bucket; but again, I don’t think it was a mistake and the ad shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

  17. I really like #7 (little boy educating another boy in the female physique) and #15 (3 hands would come in rather “handy”).

  18. I take issue with number 13. Keanu is just practicing good gun safety. You don’t walk around with your finger on the trigger because you might twitch and set it off.

  19. Scratch that. I didn’t notice that the gun had a muzzle flash. Although probably the addition of the flash is the part that screwed it up.

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