High Resolution Free Paint Splatter Photoshop Brush Set


I love using Photoshop brushes, they add a great finishing touch to your design work. This Photoshop brush is brilliant set, its a high resolution paint splatter brush, which comes in a abr file which can be loaded straight into almost any version of Photoshop. The average brush size of each brush is about 1000 pixels making them perfect for large scale design projects. Its a must have resource, therefore download and enjoy.

A lot of time was invested into creating this brush set, i hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

License Details

The brush set can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. The brush set CAN NOT be redistributed on any other website, without permission from the Creative Nerds team.


If you have any questions regarding license details use the contact us page, in order to get in touch.




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10 thoughts on “High Resolution Free Paint Splatter Photoshop Brush Set

  1. I love the effects you have created! I am having a hard time getting them loaded into Photoshop, it loads fine in another program, I just can’t seem to reach through Photoshop, please help?

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